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By Danny Serratelli (June 20, 2012) Doghouse Boxing (Photo © German Villasenor, Doghouse)
Pacquiao vs Bradley

After watching the most recent Pacquiao vs. Marquez fight I had it scored 115-113 Pacquiao.  After watching it again with no sound….115-113 Pacquiao, identical card.  It was a close fight and I believe Manny won, but I do not understand how people can complain of a robbery in a close fight with many rounds that could have went either way.  If you know how to score a fight, you know that around 115-113 either way is a fair score.  A one or two point fight, in a fight with many close rounds can not be a “robbery”. 

-        After watching Pacquiao vs. Bradley, listening to the commentary by the HBO team and seeing the punchstats I had the fight, 117-111 Pacquiao.  After watching it again with no sound……115-113 Pacquiao.  While I still disagree with the decision, I do not feel the judges were as far off as I did initially and everyone has reported.  While Bradley boxed well, he definitely did not put on a clinic in the last 6 rounds. 

-        Every boxing official I know…. and I know a lot, take their jobs very seriously.  I have good relationships with some of the best in the business. Despite the fact that I may disagree with them at times, I usually agree with them.  When I do disagree I do not question their integrity.  There are so many factors that impact any human beings judgment no matter how unbiased, well trained and experienced they are.  While there are judges that do seem inconsistent and some that seem unqualified, it is the exception and it doesn’t come up as much as people have been saying.  Watching a 12 round fight and saying who you think wins is totally different than scoring 12 individual rounds, adding it up and seeing who should win under the rules, more “fans” and boxing people need to remember that.

-        I had Chambers winning the fight against Adamek from my view at ringside, and I am a Adamek fan.  I had it 115-113.  To be honest, I was surprised that it seemed that 90% of the press at ringside had Adamek, and even more so that most had him ahead comfortably.  It’s a fight I’d like to watch again on television.  He fought with one arm from about the second round and impressed me a lot.  You can not judge a fight on a curve, and I didn’t feel I did, but people do it all the time.

-        I have disagreed with people on this one, but I feel I can judge the fight better on television than at ringside.  While the commentary and punchstats can impact a person’s judgment, there are things you miss from ringside depending on your vantage point and I also feel that the atmosphere can impact even the most astute boxing fans and members of the press.  However, the judges are in the best position to do it from ringside.

-        I have nothing against punchstat numbers, but there have been many fights over the years where they seem inaccurate.  Often I see the fighter who appears to be the busier fighter reported as having thrown less punches or a fighter who seems more accurate landing at a lower percentage.  The most misleading to the casual boxing fan is the “power punches” stat.  It is misleading because many of the shots credited as power punches are far from power punches, they are simply not jabs.  Some fighters throw a harder jab than others throw their “power punches”

-        While they are both exceptional fighters, Andre Ward will beat Chad Dawson fairly easily.  John Skully has done a great job with the talented Dawson, but if Ward can stay busy and healthy people may start putting him on top of the pound for pound list by years end.


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