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Keith Thurman, Tony Harrison Media Workout Quotes
By Nate Edwards, Doghouse Boxing (July 10, 2015)

Keith Thurman
Photo © Nate Edwards, Doghouse Boxing
By Nate Edwards on location for Doghouse Boxing. Keith Thurman, Tony Harrison Media Workout Quotes.

Keith Thurman quotes:

“ We had a great camp feeling good, looking good and I’m all for having fun baby this is what I do. Your job is to hold that camera, my job is to knock people out. Luis Collazo is a respectable opponent. He works hard.”

On Errol Spence: “ I look forward to fighting Errol one day. That is a great fight for the American public but Errol Spencer hasn’t even fought a B class fighter. His past 3 fights have been on one week’s notice, replacements, yada, yada reasons. It is what it is. He is grinding. He has been grinding ever since he has turned pro. He is like a non stop train. They got him fighting, fighting, fighting, fighting, but he still hasn’t done nothing. Let him do 1 or 2 things and like I said, I will be right here. It will happen when it is supposed to happen. I called out Floyd Mayweather the day I hit HBO. Did the fight happen? No. It is only going to happen when it is supposed to happen. I look forward to the fight. I can’t wait for the fight but I want to fight other welterweights in the top 10. Let him hit the top 10 and I will be right here saying lets go. I don’t duck nobody. “

On Shawn Porter: “ They asked me about Shawn Porter. I said yes to the Shawn Porter fight. I said yes to the Shawn Porter fight three times! Over a year ago I already said yes to the Shawn Porter fight. The fight never gets made. It’s not from my end. Ok? So I am a yes man bro. I’ll fight anybody. We are all Al Haymon fighters. Make the call. Tell Al with passion in your heart, I want Keith Thurman. How soon can I get Keith Thurman? And then I’ll get a call and we can make this happen.”

On Amir Khan: “ I have been wanting Amir Khan. I said a long time ago any welterweight you want to really get tested throw them my way. Throw them my way, all day. So as soon as Amir Khan stepped on the scale and it said 147, I said he can come get it. It is what it is man. Once again, I have an 0 and I am not afraid to let it go. I remember when my momma use to beat my ass, I remember when my daddy use to beat my ass, if you think you can beat my ass come and beat it. I don’t care.”

On Tampa Fighter Legacy: “ Winky is coming to my fight to support me, Tarver’s son worked with me in camp for this fight since he is a southpaw. I met Antonio Tarver at like 10 years old the first time I ever met him. Having my name attached to all of these great fighters in the Tampa Bay area man is a blessing. This is what I always wanted to happen. These are dreams coming true. To me I dream big dreams and they all come true. I really am blessed, I thank God daily that I am able to do what I love and I am able to do it well.”

Tony Harrison Quotes:

On Willie Nelson: “ It’s not so much of the height that we are worried about with Willie Nelson. I’ve sparred with Ronald Hearns a bunch of times who we all know is a tall and lanky fighter. I’ve also sparred with Andy Lee. It’s not the length of the fighter that will give me problems. I have been sparring guys that are hungry. I fight guys who if you knock them down they are going to get back up and fight your ass back. I had a bunch of good sparring from Free and A.J. plus those guys have a lot to prove. They have a lot to gain from sparring with me. They have a lot to prove with the cameras on them to look good. So those are the type of fighters I was working with. That was the type of work that I needed. People that were going to get up and push me to fight hard every single round. Day in and day out trying to stop me when they get in there. I will adapt if I have to but I plan on going in there and getting my respect. From round 1 getting my respect, I need my respect, and once I get my respect I think everything else will come in hand. I am going to go in round 1 and show him who the stronger man is. Who the quicker man is and I am just getting my respect from round 1. Once I get my respect I will be able to do whatever I want to do. “ -

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