Chuck Bodak 1916-2009
By Thomas Gerbasi, (Feb 6, 2009)  
Legendary boxing cutman Chuck Bodak, one of the fight game’s great characters, passed away Thursday night in California. He was 93. A cornerman who worked with over 50 world champions, including Muhammad Ali, Oscar De La Hoya, Evander Holyfield, Jorge Paez and Julio Cesar Chavez, Bodak became one of the world’s most visible cutmen for his habit of placing pictures of his fighters on his forehead before fights. It was a trait that endeared him to thousands of boxing fans over the years.

“I'm doing something that the public wants, the public enjoys,” he told me in 1998. “I'm giving back something that I've taken away from boxing, and that's the purpose. I could care less about ego. It's like autographs and taking pictures. A lot of times I take more pictures and sign more autographs than some of the guys on the cards. And I always thank the individual that comes up to me, or I have something funny to say to the person, and the guy looks at me like I'm crazy. He says "No, thank you." "Bulls**t" I said, "I'm not doing you a favor, you're doing me a favor. Plus , if it wasn't for you guys, they'd pass me up like a dirty shirt." And that's the truth.”

Rest in peace Chuck.

Below are two interviews conducted by MaxBoxing’s Thomas Gerbasi with Chuck Bodak.

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