Gonzalez Destroys Chacon on Saturday Night - Ringside Boxing Report / Photos
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Gonzalez Destroys Chacon on Saturday Night - Ringside Boxing Report / Photos
By German Villasenor on location, Doghouse Boxing (Dec 1, 2014)

Cristian ''Chimpa'' Gonzalez hammers Misael Chacon
L-R: Cristian ''Chimpa'' Gonzalez hammers Misael Chacon
All Photos © German Villasenor, Doghouse Boxing Inc.
Los Angeles, CA - On Saturday night, closing out 2014, L.A. Based Allstar Promotions put on a very good show, showcasing up and coming talent in front of a nearly sold out Ballroom at the West Bonaventure Hotel in downtown Los Angeles, with popular Cristian ''Chimpa'' Gonzalez (the youngest brother of former WBC Featherweight champion Alejandro ''La Cobrita'' Gonzalez and uncle to current contender, Alejandro Gonzalez Jr.) headlining against tough Misael Chacon.

Gonzalez, 8-0 (8KOs) nearly took out Chacon with two knockdowns in the first, finishing the job in the second as a barrage of shots against a still hurt fighter forced referee Zac Young to halt the bout at 1:24 of the round.

Cristian Gonzalez hammers Misael Chacon
Cristian ''Chimpa'' Gonzalez hammers Misael Chacon on the ropes
Ref waves off fight: Cristian ''Chimpa'' Gonzalez vs. Misael Chacon
The Winner: Cristian ''Chimpa'' Gonzalez
It was the first Chacon's first loss via stoppage.

In other results:

In the most contested bout of the evening, Mexican welter- weights Manuel Alejandro Reyes 3-2-0 and Vicente Guzman 2-4-1 waged an inside war for six rounds, with each taking turns battering each other, as Guzman seemed to fade in the last two rounds, trapped against the ropes, with an incoming opponent, a well timed counter shot put the southpaw Reyes down in the final round.

The shot granted Guzman the win via split decision- 56-57 (twice) for Guzman, with the third seeing it the same way for the opposite corner.

Welterweight Saul Bustos 2-0 (1KO) looked very good using his speed, sharpness and choice of shots to easily handled a tough Tatsuro Irie 0-5 in a 40-36 on all cards unanimous decision.

Welterweight Brandon Adams rallied back from two knockdowns in the 1st rd to stop Alphonso Sanchez,who was making his pro debut in a standing stoppage in the third round, as Sanchez punched himself out in the first couple of rounds.

Superfeatherweight southpaw Walter Melchor Santibanes 6-0 (2KOs) pulled out a six round majority decision ina an all-out brawl against Azat Hovhannisyan 6-1-0 as the latter went to the canvas in the second round.

The previously undefeated Hovhannisyan traded and looked for the fight at all costs, though he came up short at the end of the bout via 58-56, 59-55 and 57-57.

Newcomer, featherweight Jose Gomez 1-0 made a successful outing in his pro debut by dropping Gabriel Braxton in the third round en route to a 40-35 (twice) and 39-36 unanimous decision.

What can be categorized as an upset, cruiserweight Lamont Williams 5-6-1 brutally stopped Israel Duffus 6-2 (5KOs) in three.

The awkward power puncher in Panama's Duffus had his way throughout nearly three rounds, as the heavily muscled fighter with quick hands, dropped Williams in the 1st and 2nd rds, the third seems to be going the same way, despite Williams adjusting to the style, using angles, and boxing at length more, something which proved key, as a few head shots, with a final right cross to the temple sending the fighter down hard to the canvas.

Duffus desperately tried to get up, just to stumble completely disconnected to the ropes, with referee Zac Young halting the bout at 2:48.

Debuting heavyweight Rashid Akzhigitov stopped Edward Ramirez in one. Ramirez, now 1-1 was down twice in the round via body shots by the Russian.

Superwelterweight Gaku Takahashi 13-5-1 (6KOs) won a tough majority decision over Brian Gordon 4-3-1 in four.

Featherweight speedster Isaac Dogboe 4-0 (2KOs) defeated a much taller Wilberth Lopez 4-3 in a 59-55 across the board unanimous decision at the end of six.

Ringside report and All Photos © German Villasenor, Dog House Boxing Inc.

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