Margarito's Eye Heals; Cotto Rematch Looms for Dec. 3rd
By German (June 14, 2011) Doghouse Boxing (Photo © German Villasenor)
Antonio Margarito
For the last few weeks prior to the announcement of plans to stage the December 3rd rematch between Antonio Margarito and Miguel Cotto, if one were to do a keyword search on the internet using “Margarito” and “retirement,” more likely than not, there would be a series of “reports” and articles available including the phrase “detached retina” in them- all of them referring to a surgery Antonio Margarito went through a couple of weeks ago. Something which, again, many observers, bloggers and theorists have Margarito all but near retired due to the injury.

  How this came about- and who started it- is anyone's guess. It could simply be that someone wrote somewhere that “maybe the surgery has to do with a detached retina” or something along those lines, with the next person perhaps cutting out the “maybe” part. Then the “detached retina” part comes in as a matter of fact, with yet another adding the “retirement” part. It’s a snowball effect of misinformation, if you will.

  “I don't know where people got that it was a detached retina,” Margarito would say, while at the BlueWater Resort on Memorial Day weekend as a co-promoter to the Showdown Promotions fight card. Margarito's manager, Sergio Diaz Jr. is a co-owner of Showdown and worked in conjunction with Margarito's Tornado Promotions, featuring KO artist Hanzel Martinez (Margarito’s brother-in-law) in a co-featured fight to the John Molina vs. Alejandro Rodriguez main event.

  “The surgery went well; all they did was work on a cataract, which had been developing and not getting any better, so it was time to take care of it,” said Margarito.  

That would be the case, as Margarito began wearing glasses, similar to reading glasses sold at pharmacies a couple of years ago. Since the Manny Pacquiao fight last November in which Margarito suffered a broken orbital bone early on, Margarito has been wearing sunglasses- and still does, as the eye is still healing.  

Getting a look at his eye, one can barely detect anything wrong with it and there are no scars apparent either. “There are no scars. When they operated on the broken bone, they went on the inside of the eyelid to fix the bone,” said the former three-time welterweight world champion.  

Having gone through the broken socket surgery prompted Margarito to might as well correct the cataract issue as well.  

Francisco “Pancho” Espinoza, who co-manages Margarito along Sergio Diaz, would expand on the matter.  

“I'm surprised that people were or are saying that Tony's career is over because of something that he didn't have (referring to the “detached retina”). All he had was a cataract, which we decided to treat with Tony. Everything went good with the surgery and he is healing well.  

Diaz added that Margarito should be healing well but was cautious and will wait for the final green light from the doctor to say anything else on the cataract surgery matter.  

Just this past week, Margarito went back to the Moran Eye Institute in Utah, where the surgery was performed, for a check-up. He is still healing well and is expected to continue with his career.  

The Miguel Cotto Rematch…  

Looming in the air is a long-awaited rematch against three-division world champion Miguel Cotto, who suffered his first loss to Margarito back in 2008, via stoppage in 11 heats of action.  

Bob Arum has been quoted recently saying “Miguel Cotto against Antonio Margarito and it will probably be on Dec 3. Antonio Margarito's eye is 100 percent” in recent internet reports. Cotto, following the Margarito vs. Mosley pre-fight ordeal, spoke out and pointed out a reddish substance on Margarito's wrapped fists which appeared on The Ring magazine (after Cotto lost to the “Tijuana Tornado”) that would raise suspicions again and have been lingering ever since.  

What many failed to notice or pay attention to is that in the very same issue of The Ring magazine (as well as many others), there are two other fighters on different pages from different fights posing in the same manner as the Margarito picture in question, with the same type and look of red on their still-wrapped fists after their respective fights.  

When the question was asked to different trainers at gyms around town, the same answer came forth regarding what that red substance could be by looking at the available photos.  

Red paint bleeding through from the red painted gloves would be the answer, being that some of the newer gloves tend to bleed red dye unto the wrappings after being soaked in sweat and taking a pounding during fights.  

Whatever the case, Cotto has at least inspired Margarito to prove his victory over the Puerto Rican was on the up and up.  

A few more weeks should give the answer as to what will really come to light.  

If everything falls into place, look for the fight to go Madison Square Garden's way on December 3rd.  

A second and still interesting backup plan would be Kermit Cintron (who is now promoted by Top Rank as well) facing Margarito for a third time, as Cintron has also been vocal regarding his two KO losses against Margarito.  

As for Margarito, who has been staying in shape while awaiting clearance, he is itching to storm back and settle matters once and for all.  

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