Boxing Results from Ringside: Gennady Golovkin Retains Titles Stopping Gabriel Rosado in 7
Boxing Results from Ringside: Gennady Golovkin Retains Titles Stopping Gabriel Rosado in 7
By Ken Hissner at ringside, Doghouse Boxing (Jan 20, 2013) Doghouse Boxing (Photo © Chris Farina / Top Rank)
Gennady lands punch on Rosado
From a Philadelphia viewpoint this writer felt Gabe Rosado, 21-6 (13), who was the No. 1 contender for IBF champion Cornelius “K9” Bundrage’s title instead of being in Madison Square Garden’s theater Saturday night should have been in Detroit on February 23rd challenging for that title. Instead the Philly fighter found himself in the “lion’s den” with one of the hardest punchers in boxing pound for pound named Gennady “Triple G” Golovkin, 25-0 (22), of KAZ, now living in Germany since 2006, while holding the WBA and IBO middleweight title’s. Like most professional sports it seemed this decision was “all about the money”!

Instead of making a challengers purse in Detroit Rosado was moved up into the middleweight division without ever having a middleweight fight to the No. 15 slot. So 15 other fighters would be by-passed in order for Rosado to get his shot. It almost backfired for Golovkins backers when he came down ill 2 days before the fight. Would he be able to go through with his WBA and IBO defenses Saturday? Like a true champion he was in the ring facing a young hungry fighter from Philadelphia.

Golovkin chased Rosado for 2 rounds when a right hand opened a nasty cut over the left eye of Rosado near the end of the round. With top cut-man Joey Eye doing his best to stop the bleeding it would be either “do or die” for Rosado in round 3. A Golovkin jab knocked Rosado off balance as he tried to avoid the power of the champion with blood covering the left side of his face.

In the fourth round 3 jabs from Golovkin knocked the head of Rosado back. He was bleeding from the eye so bad it was also covering Golovkin and the ring. At the bell a long right hand from Rosado finally found the target on the chin of Golovkin. An obvious bruise was under the champion’s right eye as the fighters came out for the fifth round. One of the judges, Tom Miller actually gave Rosado the fourth round. In the fifth Golovkin not only had the eye bleeding again but also the nose of Rosado.

In the sixth round top referee Steve “Double S” Smoger asked for the ring physician to take a look at the badly cut left eye. Rosado was allowed to go on. A right uppercut buckled the knees of Rosado but he came back and made a gallant attempt in backing the champion but it was short lived. At the start of the seventh it seemed the doctor was giving Rosado one more round as he was allowed to come out.

It got very ugly in the seventh with Rosado bleeding from the eye, nose and mouth and his face a mask of blood there was no quit in him. The fan’s were screaming at the site to stop the contest. With Smoger’s back toward Rosado’s corner up the steps came Rosado’s trainer Billy Briscoe trying to wave it off before a towel was finally thrown in causing Smoger to wave the fight off at 2:46 of the seventh round. The crowd at the Madison Square Garden Theater went wild with many banners from the KAZ homeland flying. There was so much of Rosado’s blood in the ring the next fight had to be delayed.

Rosado ran to the corner and jumped up on the ropes showing his fan’s there was no quit in him. Unfortunately for him he was up against a champion that would not be denied. Rosado would live to fight another day.

In the ring Max Kellerman covering for the HBO After Dark show made an outrageous comment about Golovkin using his illness as an excuse in not knocking Rosado down. Here was a true champion having spent most of the night chasing down his opponent after coming off a 2-day sick bed having to hear this insult from someone chosen to replace the veteran Larry Merchant in the ring interviewing the fighters. Golovkin should have been praised for his performance not belittled.

Strange as it might seem the press was informed Rosado was requesting a rematch. For what reason? He had lost every round on judge’s Glenn Feldman and John Poturaj’s cards and only won but a round on Miller’s card. I guess it was for another big payday. How about the other “champions” or the other 14 contenders getting their shot?

While Rosado was being replaced to fight Bundrage the IBF put Ishe Smith in at No. 15 and gave him the shot. His only claim to fame was he appeared on the show “the contender”! Rosado had a good chance of dethroning Bundrage but he will probably be dropped out of the middleweight ratings and is no longer in the light middleweight ratings. The consolation is more money in the bank than he probably made in his 26 previous fights combined. Let’s hope he drops down where he belongs and gets that IBF title fight giving Philadelphia another Latino champion besides their first in Danny “Swift” Garcia.

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