Ferrante and Monaghan Thrill the crowd at MSG
Ferrante and Monaghan Thrill the crowd at MSG
By Ken Hissner at ringside, Doghouse Boxing (Jan 21, 2013) Doghouse Boxing (Photo © Chris Farina / Top Rank)
Gennady lands punch on Rosado
Mikael Zewski (L) stops Brandon Hoskins (R)in the 4th round, Saturday, at The Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York 
Photo © Chris Farina / Top Rank
Though HBO After Dark had 3 world title fights there were several bouts on the undercard that had the fans on their feet! Tony “Boom Boom” Ferrante, 13-4 (8), of Philadelphia went up to the cruiserweight division and took on Isa Akberbayev, 10-1 (7), of KAZ who was previously unbeaten and holder of the IBO Inter-Continental title.

Ferrante being put in the “blue corner” was brought in as the opponent for Akerbayev whose fellow countryman Gennady Golovkin was defending his title later that night. I guess Ferrante didn’t read the script as he stretched Akerbayev in the tenth and final round at 1:19 face down for some time.

Ferrante started the first round by dropping Akerbayev only to be dropped at the bell by Akerbayev. In the fifth Ferrante cut his opponent outside of the left eye. In the sixth Ferrante rocked his opponent with a right hand. His corner of Mike Cassell, Sean Thompson and Joey Eye were yelling to push forward and for the most part he did.

In the ninth Akerbayev just ran around the ring even throwing punches when he stopped in front of Ferrante without landing one as if he was shadow boxing he was so far away from him. In the tenth and final round with Akerbayev never having gone past 6 rounds he was dead tired when a wide right hand dropped him onto his face for more than the count as referee Randy Neumann waved it off. Ferrante went wild and so did his fans with this victory!

At the time of stoppage judge Kevin Morgan and Robin Taylor had it 7-2 while Joe Pasquale had it 6-3 all for Ferrante through 9 rounds. DHB had it 5-3-1 with the first round even with each scoring a knock down.

Sean Monaghan, 17-0 (11), now out of Long Beach, NY, had a large following as he took on Roger Cantrell, 15-3 (8), of Puyallup, WA, in an 8 round light heavyweight match-up. Someone forgot to tell Cantrell he was brought in as the opponent. He won 2 of the first 3 rounds with Monaghan suffering a cut outside his left eye in the third. In the fourth the fans were going wild as each fighter were throwing haymakers and no one trying to slip a punch.

In the seventh Cantrell’s nose was bleeding and his face swollen as he took 4 uppercuts from Monaghan. But he would come back though not win the rounds that followed. As the eighth and final round started not only did the fighters touch gloves but hugged each other in appreciation for a great fight. The hugging didn’t last long before they started battling right to the bell as referee Neumann stepped in. Scores of 77-75, 78-74 and 79-73 were given all for Monaghan. DHB had it 78-74 for the winner

Ronald “Bad Newz” Ellis, 7-0 (5), of Lynn, MA, won all 4 rounds over Steven Tyner, 3-10-2 (2), of Akron, OH, in the super middleweight division. Judges Alan Rubenstein, Joe Pasquale and Robin Taylor all agreed.

Mikael Zewski, 18-0 (14), of Trois-Rivieres, CAN, was much too much for Brandon Hoskins, 16-4-1 (8), of Hannibal, MO. Zewski had his opponents face red and nose bleeding inside of a minute of the first round.

In the second round Zewski landed 4 straight punches before having his knees buckled by Hoskins. He was able to get through the round only to come back in the third showing a jab that Hoskins didn’t know what to do with. In the fourth a right hand by Zewski caused a delay knockdown. This was followed by a right-left combination for the second knockdown. A right hand dropped Hoskins again causing referee Gary Rosato to wave it off at 1:42 of the fourth round. This was scheduled for 6 rounds in the welterweight division.

Glen Tapia, 17-0 (10), of Passaic, NJ, was too big and strong for Ayi Bruce, 14-9 (8), of Albany, NY, before stopping Bruce with body shots at 2:33 of the second round as referee David Fields had seen enough of this scheduled 8 in super welterweight division.

Felix Verdejo, 2-0 1), of San Juan, PR, was introduced at his country’s 2012 Olympian and you knew Tomi Archambault, 1-4 (1), of Bismarck, NJD, was brought in to make Verdejo look good and he did at 0:21 of the first round scoring 2 knockdowns before Rosato called a halt.

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