Philly’s 10 and Under Unbeatens! (Top Ten Boxing Prospects)
Philly’s 10 and Under Unbeatens! (Top Ten Boxing Prospects)
By Ken Hissner, Doghouse Boxing (July 31, 2012) Doghouse Boxing
Naim Nelson
By Ken Hissner, Doghouse Boxing. - This writer normally does not interview boxers with less than 10 fights. It’s been brought to my attention Philly has some really good prospects with under 10 fights. The following will tell you something about each one of these 10 Philly boxers of the future:

JULIAN WILLIAMS 9-0-1 (4): Julian is 22 and a light middleweight. He is managed and trained by Stephen “Breadman” Edwards. Promoted by Gary Shaw. He trains at the James Shuler Gym in West Philly. Only 2 of his fights have been in Philly. His most recent fight the first in Atlantic City.

MIGUEL CARTAGENA 5-0 (3): Miguel is 19 and a bantamweight. Miguel fought 5 times over a 13 month period. He was an outstanding amateur. He is managed by Moz Gonzalez and Eddie Woods. His amateur trainer was Javier Varela who has brought in Bozy Ennis for assistance. They train Miguel out of the Philly Rumbler’s Gym in N. Philadelphia.

ANGEL OCASIO 6-0-2 (1): Angel is 22 and a lightweight. After winning his first 6 fights Angel fought back to back draws with Jason Sosa. The last one was a main event 8. He is managed by Manny Ramirez and Kurt Wolfheimer. He is trained by his father “Papo” Ocasio and trains out of the Front Street Gym in N. Philly. He is scheduled to fight August 31st in the PA Poconos.

JOEY “Polish Thunder” DAWEJKO 7-0-1 (4): Joey is 22. After 6 straight wins Joey fought ito a draw but won his last fight in Atlantic City on 6/1. Short for a heavyweight he has won amateur titles. He is promoted by Mario Yagobi of Boxing 360. He trains at the Costello Gym in North Philly under Brian McGinley. He is scheduled to fight August 18 at Bally’s Park Place in Atlantic City and October 12th in Philadelphia.

NAIM NELSON 7-0 (1) (pictured above): Niam is a light welterweight. In his last fight he defeated Esteban Rodriguez, 5-1-1 in Atlantic City 7/7. He is managed by Doc Nowicki, Jim Williams and John Howell. Rory Bussey trains him at the Upper Darby PAL Gym just outside of Philly.

JOHN MERCURIO 5-0 (4): John is 33 and a 6:04 heavyweight who dropped 30# after a year lay-off winning his last fight in May. Anthony Degalbo is his trainer in DE County, PA.

TYRONE CRAWLEY, JR. 2-0 (0): The “Butterfly” is 26 and a welterweight. He is the son of the former lightweight title challenger Tyrone Crawley, Sr.. He is managed by Brian Cohen. He trains at the Muhammad Ali Gym in North Philly. He was 20-0 as an amateur. Bozy Ennis and Crawley, Sr. are his trainers.

TODD UNTHANK-MAY 4-0 (2): Todd is 23 and a light heavyweight. He trains at the Mitch Allen Gym in West Philly. He is managed by Dave Price and Doc Nowicki of D&D Management. Damon Allen, Sr. and Tommy Brooks are his trainers. He was 22-5 in the amateurs.

JESSE HART 2-0 (2): This 23 year old is managed by Dave Price and Doc Nowicki, D&D Management and promoted by Top Rank. His father Eugene “Cyclone” Hart is taking over as trainer for his professional career. This 2011 GG Champ and Olympic alternate made his pro debut 6/1 on the undercard of Pacquiao-Bradley and came back 7/7 in Atlantic city scoring his second 1st round KO.

SAUD CLARK 2-0 (2): Saud is 20 and a welterweight. He is managed by Moz Gonzalez and Eddie Woods. He is trained by Milton Santiago and mainly trains at the 10th Round Gym in Bucks County. His amateur record was 68-6.

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