George Foreman Encourages Floyd Mayweather to Go for Rocky Marciano’s Perfect Boxing Record!
George Foreman Encourages Floyd Mayweather to Go for Rocky Marciano’s Perfect Boxing Record!
By Ken Hissner, Doghouse Boxing (Aug 9, 2012) Doghouse Boxing
George Foreman
By Ken Hissner, Doghouse Boxing. - One of the greatest known boxing records still standing is Rocky Marciano’s 49-0. Next month it will be 67 years since Marciano retired in 1956. Floyd ”Pretty Boy aka Money” Mayweather, Jr. and Argentina’s Cesar Rene Cuenca are both 43-0.

Mayweather’s out of prison and Cuenca oddly only has 1 knockout long with 2 no contests. He holds the interim WBO Latino light welterweight title and all 45 fights have been in Argentina.

Joe Calzaghe retired at 46-0 while several others have passed Marciano’s mark but they would eventually get beat. Calzaghe being Italian like Rocky Marciano may have not wanted to pass him. Such fighters who did go pass 49-0 were Julio Cesar Chavez, Sr. who was 87-0 until drawing with Pernell “Sweet Pea”Whitaker, Willie “Whill o’ the Wisp” Pep was 62-0 when he lost to Sammy Angott and Nino LaRocca was 57-0 when he lost to Gilles Elbilia.

Unbeaten boxers who are eliminated due to a draw on their record are Chris John at 47-0-2 of Indonesia who is the WBA feather champ; Saul Alvarez 40-0-1 of Mexico is WBC junior middle champ and Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., at 46-0-1 of US is WBC middle champ.

Boxers with at least 30 wins are David “Nino” Rodriguez 36-0 and Malik Scott 34-0 both of the US, Hungary’s Zolt Erdei (sch 9/29), Mike Alvarado and Jose Aguiniga (sch 8/17) both of US are all 33-0. Roman Gonzalez (sch 9/29) of Nicaragua the WBA Junior Fly champ and Olympian Vanes Martirosyan of US are 32-0. William Souza is 31-0 from Brazil. Nenad Borovcanin of Serbia and Ajose Olusegun (sch 9/22) of Nigeria are 30-0.

Last week the former world heavyweight champion George Foreman encouraged Mayweather to “go for the record”! We gather he meant Marciano’s 49-0 and not how many times he can go to prison and get out and fight again! At 35 Mayweather has only fought 6 times in the last 6 years! On that schedule he may be 41 going for 49-0 unless Manny Pacquiao or Sergio Martinez get into the ring with “Pretty Boy”! Rumors were Mayweather wanted nothing to do with Antonio Margarito or Paul Williams upon entering the welterweight division. His first fight with with Jose Luis Castillo could have gone to Castillo, though 8 months later they met and it was scored even closer and this time Mayweather seemed the winner. It’s doubtful Mayweather would meet Martinez at 154.

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