Majewski & Perez Win at Resorts in AC
Majewski & Perez Win at Resorts in AC
By Ken Hissner at ringside, Doghouse Boxing (Oct 1, 2012) Doghouse Boxing
Patrick “The Machine” Majewski
Atlantic City’s Patrick “The Machine” Majewski, 20-1 (13), won a majority decision over Latif Mundy, 10-5 (4), of Philadelphia over 10 exciting rounds Saturday night at Resorts Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City, NJ!  Originally from Radom, POL, Majewski had defeated Lundy in 2009 by decision.  Global Boxing in association with Peltz Boxing Promotions, Inc., promoted the show with J Russell Peltz serving as matchmaker.

The Star Ballroom at Resorts was jumping from the opening bout especially when DeCarlo Perez, 8-2-1 (3), upset fellow Atlantic City boxer Shame “The Truth” Alvarez, 21-6 (12), in the semi-windup.  In addition to Majewski there were 2 Polish imports and a hard hitting Colombian now out of Puerto Rico.

Majewski used a good jab to start the bout as Lundy was slipping punches and landed an overhand right to highlight his part of the round.  Majewski started to go to the body with solid left hooks in the second round.  Majewski was dominating the third round when a 3 punch combination by Lundy opened a cut over Majewski’s left eye near the end of the round.  

The fourth provided good exchanges from both fighters as the cut re-opened causing blood to cover the left side of Majewski’s face but it did not stop him from throwing punches.  The fifth round was more of the same with Majewski landing a 4 punch combination that had Lundy in trouble.  Though all the rounds but the sixth through the eighth were competitive, Lundy was always in the fight.  His trunks were covered with Majewski’s blood.  In the ninth Majewski hurt Lundy twice.

In the tenth and final round both fighters went all out to the delight of the crowd.  Both fighters embraced after the fight with both showing good sportsmanship.  Benjy Esteves, Jr., did a fine job in handling the action as the referee.  When ring announcer Dean Stone read the score of judge Shaeeq Rashad’s at 95-95 a hush came over the crowd in disbelief.  Tony Perez had it 98-92 and Barbara Perez followed with 100-90 as did DHB.  This shut out score was no reflection on the competitiveness of the fight.  

In the semi-windup the corners of both Perez and Alvarez were taunting each other prior to the start of the fight.  Alvarez made it known he couldn’t believe the 21 year-old Perez wanted this fight since he claimed to knock out Perez in the gym several years ago.  At 35 the southpaw Alvarez had lost his last 3 fights and was obviously past his prime of being a once contender.  

Alvarez rushed across the ring and rocked Perez with the first punch and followed up with a flurry of punches that Perez was able to overcome.  He was able to come back and hurt Alvarez twice before the round was over.  In the second round Perez hurt Alvarez with an uppercut but Alvarez came fighting back.  By the third round youth was overcoming experience as Perez was growing more and more confident while Alvarez was on the legs of a 35 year-old veteran with plenty of tough fights behind him.  

Perez had Alvarez in trouble against the ropes with nothing coming back in return when referee Lindsay Page jumped in to the astonishment of Alvarez and stopped it at 2:01 of the third round.  It may have been a quick stoppage but the hand writing was on the wall in this blockbuster of a fight.  The fans were going crazy from the opening round being both fighters were from Atlantic City.  

In the dressing room Alvarez asked “where do I go from here.  Am I going to just be an opponent?”  In the meantime Perez was still in the ring being interviewed by Marc Abrams of  He seemed grateful for the opportunity and the win.  “I knew he would come out fast but I had to get past that and knew I would eventually wear him down,” said Perez.  

Veteran manager/cut-man Jim Williams of NJ had advised this writer ahead of time that he would not put any of his fighters in with Alvarez due to the fact he was on his last legs and could get hurt.  He certainly called this one.  His co-manager with Mike Jones, Teon Kennedy and Niam Nelson, Doc Nowicki was co-manager of Perez and jumped on the opportunity.

In the previous fight which was the lone 6 on the card Peltz lived up to his reputation of putting 2 prospects against each other early in their career which is great for the fans but usually not for the losing fighter.  Colombian Emmanuel “Pinky” Colon, 3-0 (3), now out of PR came into the ring with his entourage while he was decked out in yellow, red and black while beaming with confidence.  What he didn’t know was a Philadelphia prospect in the name of Hasan Young, 1-1-1 (0), would be his opponent.  

It didn’t take long for Colon to open up while Young was more cautious at the start.  Both fighters battled inside non-stop with Colon gaining the advantage.  In the second round it was a war!  Young’s trainer Kevin Carmody had him come out throwing left hooks that brought a look of surprise to Colon.  At the end of the round Young was hurt by a Colon right hand.  

In the third round both fighters were throwing bombs and taking turns rocking one another with Colon getting the better of it as Young went back to his corner on unsteady leg’s.  In the fourth round Colon was wearing down Young with uppercuts.  When Colon delivered 3 straight power punches the referee Esteves jumped in and stopped it.  These junior welterweights gave the fans plenty to cheer about.  Colon’s 2 previous wins were first round knockouts in PR.  Little did he expect Young to put up such a good fight.  At 21, a year older than Colon, Young still has a good career ahead of him with a better plan of matchmaking from his management.  

The show opener set the stage for the entire card as Anthony Prescott, 1-1 (1), of Cherry Hill, NJ, was throwing right hand bombs at Terrell James, 1-0 (0), of Philadelphia in a welterweight 4 rounder.  James wasn’t slipping many of them while mostly on the defense.  At the end of the round his trainer Will Morris read him the riot act.  Out came James with a solid left hook taking the next 2 rounds from Prescott who wasn’t throwing as many punches but still landing solid right hands.

The fourth round had Prescott wearing down some on the retreat but landing more than his share of punches.  It looked like a draw would have been the best for both but the judges all agreed on 39-37 scores for James.  

Besides Majewski being from Poland 2 Polish prospects were up next to the delight of the many Polish fans in attendance.  Michal “TNT” Chudecki, a 4x Polish champ, and southpaw, from Poznan, was picking apart Moses Molina, 1-1 (1), of Bridgeton, NJ, who at 18 had no answer for the 25 year-old Chudecki.  It was all Chudecki in the second round as a bewildered Molina knew he was in “over his head”.  The third round was more of the same with Chucecki landing at will in a neutral corner before referee Esteves wisely stopped it at 1:55 of the third round.

Up next was Patryk Szymanski, 2-0 (1), of Zyweic, POL, a former amateur Polish champ who had height and reach on Adrian Wilson, 0-1 (0), of Atlantic City, NJ, in a welterweight 4.  Wilson never seemed to gather himself together.  Whether it was making his debut in front of the home crowd or simply not knowing how to get inside of the reach of Szymanski, he was on the receiving end for the most part.  Barbara Perez and Rashad had it 40-36 as did DHB while Tony Perez had it 40-35 all for Szymanski.

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