'The Contender' Contestants Speak; Weights & Exclusive Quotes fron Providence
By Dan Horgan (Oct 14, 2006)
Doghouse Boxing was in attendance for the Peter Manfredo-Joey Spina press conference last night, and was able to catch up with contestants from season two of "The Contender".

Check out the updates on each fighter and see what they had to say about the show, their futures and more. Also, be sure to check out quotes and weights from tonight's "Put Up, Or Shut Up" card in Providence.

Steve Forbes: In regard to a rumored fight with Demetrius Hopkins, Forbes said that there had been talk of it, but he'd yet to see a contract for the fight. Forbes plans on returning to 140 pounds, and hopes to fight by the end of the year.

I asked Forbes if he thought he won his fight with Grady Brewer, and he said, "I thought I won. It was a sloppy fight, and I was a little off, but I give him all the credit."

Aaron Torres: Torres indicated that he plans on fighting by the end of next month, although an opponent has yet to be

Michael Stewart: Stewart makes his return to the ring November 16 against an opponent to be named. He expressed his wish to return to 140 pounds where "there are a lot of big offers," but said his next fight may be at 147.

Norberto Bravo: Although Bravo gave no update on his future, he does plan on returning to 140 pounds.

Cornelius Bundrage: Bundrage, who was in a jovial mood when I interviewed him, simply told me "I'm going to hurt somebody. K9 is coming."

Bundrage had no update on his return to the ring, although he made a tongue in cheek comment that the fighters from 'The Contender' Season Two would face off against fighters from Oscar De La Hoya's show 'The Next Great Champ.' He also expressed his desire for a big money fight.

Nick Acevedo: Acevedo had no update on his return to the ring.

Walter Wright: With regards to his return to the ring, Wright simply stated that he's on the shelf and had no idea when he'll fight again.

Weights from 'Put Up or Shut Up' card:

Peter Manfredo:  167 ¾
Joe Spina:  168
Allan Green:  167 ½
Jerson Ravelo:  165 ½

Jerson Ravelo: "It's going to be a great, great show, come tomorrow. A lot of fighters do a lot of talking, but I'm the type of fighter who keeps everything to myself. Tomorrow night, it's going to be an exciting, exciting show."

Allan Green: "A lot has been made about this fight between me and Jerson. All I can say is that I'm ready, and I'm ready to get down to business. He made a mistake in saying this fight would be exciting. (Turning to Ravelo) It's not going to be exciting. It's not going to be exciting at all, because come tomorrow night, your going to get your ass broken in half."

Joe Spina: "You guys out here are making it seem like I'm a bad guy, (like) I'm talking all this shit, back and forth, but it's nothing personal. (Looking at Manfredo) You made it personal by saying I'm a club fighter. I'm going to show you tomorrow night who is a "garbage fighter." Nobody said I was the "Pride of Providence". I'm the king of Providence."

Peter Manfredo: "Let's get this "Pride of Providence" thing straight. I've never given myself any names, I've always come into the ring as Peter Manfredo Jr. I was given the name "Pride of Providence" not because of what I do in the ring, but what I give back to Providence. I never started the talk. The talk has been all from him---it must be the jealousy. This kid hasn't fought any of the opposition I've fought. Tomorrow night, I'll expose Joey Spina for what he really is. I aint Jay

While "The Contender" contestants sort out their futures, Providence fans sit tight as they look forward to what should be an explosive card.

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