Manfredo Outclasses Spina; Green Puts Away Ravelo
At Ringside, Dan Horgan (Oct 16, 2006)
In a year that has seen Peter Manfredo Jr. score two impressive knockouts of top twenty contenders, one thing has ultimately been established: ‘The Pride of Providence’ is finally New England’s cream of the crop at 168 pounds.  Scott Pemberton and Joey Spina, Manfredo’s two victims, both hail within eighty miles of the former ‘Contender’ runner up, so Manfredo can finally claim local bragging rights.  However, with his imposing victory over Spina last night, Manfredo’s thoughts aren‘t at home, or anywhere near there.  Instead, he will be setting his sights on something much bigger than regional dominance: A world title.

There has been much talk of a potential Manfredo-Roy Jones Jr. bout, but if last night was any indication, the Providence resident may be ready for the stars of 168 pounds that aren’t past their prime.  Manfredo completely outclassed his undefeated adversary, keeping his cool in a fight filled with high intensity. 

In an action packed first round, both fighters traded left hooks before Manfredo began to establish his right hand, which soon became his primary weapon in the fight.  Despite some good Spina body work, Manfredo was able to dictate the
pace, as he got inside Spina’s wild shots and landed concise left hooks and right hands.  All looked well for the twenty-five year old until he was pinned against the ropes, leaving himself susceptible for a late round Spina rally.

Rounds two and three saw more of the same, only with more exaggerated results. Spina’s shots became wilder and wilder, and Manfredo soon began to land his right hand at will.  Although quite game, the ‘KO Kid’ was only effective when pinning Manfredo against the ropes.  In the center of the ring, Manfredo’s slickness and superior skill ended up making the difference, as he violently floored his opponent twice, forcing the corner of Spina to throw in the towel. 

The Manfredo victory should come as no surprise as Spina, more of a raw athlete
than a world class boxer, had struggled with limited opposition in his twenty fight career.  Manfredo, who had come in off of a devastating KO of contender Scott Pemberton, was simply on another level.


In undercard action, undefeated Allan ‘Sweetness’ Green put away his second New York 168 pound standout in eleven months.  Despite struggling with the speed and skills of Jerson Ravelo early in the fight, Green got the job done, flooring his Dominican opponent three times in the eighth round, earning the TKO victory.

Trying his best to imitate the slippery Sam Soliman, Ravelo moved aimlessly
back and forth throwing quick flurries of sloppy punches.  Although he gave Green fits in rounds one to three, he eventually ran out of gas, and was stalked down by the slower, but stronger Green.

Despite the victory, Green again showed that he can be hit easily, and his hands looked very slow compared to those of Ravelo.  We know he can punch, but to look that bad for three rounds may be a bad sign for the Oklahoma native. 


In other action, Pawtucket native Eddie Soto improved to 6-0 via four round decision against thirty-seven year old Felisiberto Fernandez (4-4).  Soto dictated the pace of the fight, but struggled with the counterpunching of his opponent.  In the fourth round however, Soto’s power shots became too much for “The Joker” as he floored his adversary hard.  All three judges scored the bout 40-35 in favor of Soto.  Doghouse Boxing scored the fight 39-36 for Soto.

Also on the card:  Jose Sanchez made a successful pro debut, flooring opponent Rashool Shakool thrice en route to a fourth round stoppage.

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