Tony Bellew stops Edison Miranda - Full Ringside Boxing Report

Tony Bellew stops Edison Miranda - Full Ringside Boxing Report
By Iain Dolan at ringside, Doghouse Boxing (Sept 10, 2012) Doghouse Boxing

Tony Bellew
By Iain Dolan, Doghouse Boxing. - Crowd pleasing Light-Heavy Tony Bellew added a major name to his CV by stopping former World title challenger Edison “Pantera” Miranda in an intriguing match up at Alexandra Palace on Saturday night. Scouser Bellew (12st 6lbs 4oz) started very cautiously flicking out the occasional jab as he sized up his Colombian opponent (12st 6lbs 12oz) and showed full respect for Miranda's vaunted punching power.

A much livelier 2nd round saw Miranda catch Bellew with a couple of solid looking right hooks but Bellew's chin held up and he returned fire with a left hook and straight right that caused Miranda to perform the irritating”didn't hurt” leg shake. A sure sign that it did hurt. Miranda continued to stalk Bellew in the 3rd but didn't manage to land cleanly as Tony covered up well and fired back with well timed jabs.

Edison, still on the front foot, got through with another right hook in the 4th and was maybe sensing an upset victory at this point, but Tony kept his head and stuck to the game plan, refusing to be dragged into a war of attrition. Tony was rewarded for his patience as he landed a solid straight left right on the bell. A scrappy 5th saw both fighters warned for use of the head as Miranda sought to get under Bellew's skin and goad him into taking risks but to no avail. The downside to Tony's tactics was that Miranda's confidence seemed to grow as the fight progressed. In the 6th, Bellew stepped up the pace, and started to take fight to Edison, landing his jab more frequently and following up with the right hook, attempting to wrest the initiative away from the Colombian.

Tony stayed busy in the 7th, doubling up on the jab and following up nicely. Not powerful shots, but enough to prevent Miranda from setting himself for his own assaults. Towards the end of the round, Bellew backed Miranda onto the ropes and hurt him with a left hook, but inexplicably walked way while Edison was showing clear signs of being hurt. Perhaps the thought Miranda was trying to rope-a-dope. In the 8th, Bellew used clever footwork in the corner and then backed up Miranda with a left jab followed by a stiff straight right. Edison was still very much in the fight but his resolve appeared to be weakening after his successes in the early rounds.

Bellew continued to press the action in the 9th, now scoring with more hurtful shots as well as the jab. A left hook to the body had Miranda wincing and two big right hands after that saw him visibly wilting. Another left hook to the body and a pained Miranda took a knee. He rose by the count of six but clearly did not wish to continue leaving referee, Ian John-Jewis, no option but to call a halt to proceedings.

It was a slightly frustrating performance from Bellew, especially as many had predicted fireworks from this bout, but he boxed a smart, low risk, fight and has a KO victory against a fading, but still big name a opponent on his record. A clever piece of match making really but credit to Bellew for the win even if Miranda ran out of steam and ambition towards then end.

The crowd had roared Bellew to the ring and had then been muted by his lethargic looking start perked up again towards the end. The many supporters who had made the trek down from Liverpool would be able to enjoy a contended nap on the journey home as it didn't appear as though they'd all been sipping mineral water on the way down.

The chief support act was a welterweight contest featuring Colchester's Lee Purdey (10st 6lbs) against undefeated Argentine Gumersindo Carrasco (10st 6lbs) over a scheduled 12 rounds. It quite quickly became apparent that the fight was unlikely to last that long as both fighters neglected all forms of defence and went toe to toe from the opening bell. A two fisted barrage and a judo throw put Carrasco on the deck in the first and the referee decided enough leather had been landed to warrant calling it a knock down.

The 2nd round continued in a similar vein with hooks flying in from both as the furious pace continued. Purdey landed more but Carrasco also scored with enough to keep Purdey from having it all his own way. Purdey tidied up in the 3rd looking to pick his shots a bit more and mixing in body shots as well as head hunting. Garrasco marched forward bravely, but Purdey began to pick him off almost at will. In the 4th, a right hook from Purdey landed sweetly on the chin and dropped Carrasco hard. He beat the count only to be dropped again by a left hook to the body. Again Carrasco rose and fired back bravely, but Purdey poured on another barrage of punches causing the referee to step in and save Carrasco from further punishment.

Earlier in the evening, Northolt's Ryan Toms (10st 12lbs 12oz) challenged Stoke Newington's Eric “The Eagle” Ochieng (10st 12lbs 12oz) for his newly acquired English light-middle strap. The opening stanza was very cagey as the protagonists looked to feel each other out. Toms doing the cleaner work as Ochieng stood back to take a look. Eric increased his work rate in the 2nd and 3rd and landed 3 meaty looking straight right but Toms was unphased and replied with a left hook of his own. Toms enjoyed the better of the exchanges in the 4rd taking the centre of the ring and forcing the action.

At the end of the 4th, Eric's corner told him he had to be busier so he came out throwing a lot more in the 5th and looking to work the body. A couple landed downstairs causing Toms to step back and then Ochieng landed the money shot left hook under Ryan's rib cage sending him crumpled to the canvas. Toms beat the count but was in clear distress. Eric cleverly targeted the other side of the body a couple of times before crashing in another left hook to the ribs which floored Toms again and ended the contest. Eric Ochieng might lack concussive punching power but his work rate and body shots are fast making him a force to be reckoned with at domestic level.

Another successful night for Eddie Hearn and Matchroom, all but selling out Alexandra Palace despite the later withdrawal of local boy Darren Barker resulting in the cancellation of the main event. The fans all went home happy after an action packed night. Damon Schunmann, from nearby Southgate, was attending his first professional show and declared a solid intent to attend more in the future. Terrestrial television might have decided that boxing is now a niche sport but the live shows are still pulling in and entertaining the crowds.

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