Brown Blasts Medina at the Blue in the 3rd! - Boxing
By Ken Hissner at ringside (Jan 28, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
After the main event fell through due to Chuckie Cavallo’s hernia, Jameel Wilson was left without a fight. Greg Robinson of Power Productions had to scramble best he could to make up for the loss. The co main event marked the return of Rasheem ‘Untouchable’ Brown 18-3 (15) to the ring after two years, Philadelphia since 2003, and the Blue Horizon since 2002. He blasted undersized Jose Medina 14-10 (10 ) at 1:06 of the third round with referee Gary Rosata calling it a halt with Medina on the verge of a second knockdown in the round. Most ringsiders thought Rosata even waited too long to stop this
one. Even though only ½ pound separated these two middleweights Friday night, Brown was so much larger. The ring announcer in introducing Brown said Medina’s record by mistake. Brown walked over and corrected him. Both fighters are from Philadelphia. In asking if he took his time to get the ring rust out, Brown said, “of course not, for I remember coming off the canvas with the Russian (Aslanbek Kodzoev May of 2004 losing an 8 round decision) and I didn’t want to take any chances in this fight.” Medina’s heart will never be questioned. He is a junior middleweight at best. There were signs in his dressing room after this one it could be a career ender. Brown’s co-managers, Eddie Woods and Moz Gonzalez, agreed they have to keep Brown busier to keep his interest and to keep him sharp. I pointed to local boxer Willie Gibbs, 20-3 (16), who was standing behind me in Brown’s dressing room and Brown said “we are good friends.” In the old days a Brown and Gibbs match up would sell the house out.

Even though Gibbs has had more than half his fights in New England, the ‘Gladiator’ has been seen on cable television enough that the local fans know him well. It could be like bringing back Bennie Briscoe and Eugene ‘Cyclone’ Hart again.

The upset of the night was Tyric ‘Too Sweet’ Robinson, 8-2-1 (3), looking flat. In his last appearance he won a hard fought a main event 8 round win over Christopher Fernandez. Tonight he had to settle for a 4 round fight against fellow junior welterweight Jason Jordan, 5-17-2, of Akron, Ohio, who had lost 12 of his last 13 fights. Jordan claimed “he came out loading up and I knew I just had to relax and fire straight punches and move on him.” Judges Lynne Carter and Rich Hopkins both had it 40-36 while Pierre Benoist’s card read 39-37 all for the winner Jordan. Robinson is scheduled to fight March 1st in Oaks, Pennsylvania while Jordan is scheduled February 8th against local prospect Danny Garcia 3-0 (3) in Boston.

In a good match-up of light heavyweights Tony Ferrante, 2-0, seemed to take over once he adjusted to Cameron Bright’s 1-9-2 (1) jab. Ferrante seemed to out hustled Bright in winning on all judges scorecards 40-36. Both fighters are from Philadelphia.

‘Smokin’ Jesus Barbosa 1-1 (1) started like a house on fire with his Tyson-like style for the better of two rounds putting Rami Ibraham 2-6-1 on the defense. In the 3rd round Ibraham started fighting back with Barbosa slowing down. Though it seemed Barbosa deserved more than a draw even in losing the 4th round big. The judges all had it 38-38 in this junior welterweight 4 round bout of Philadelphia fighters.

Mark ‘Oaktree’ Brown, 12-1-1 (5), of Salem, New Jersey, coming off a win less than two weeks ago had Coatesville’s Kevin Hood, 5-7-1, down three times at just 2:51 of the first round causing referee Rosato to stop the one side match of heavyweights. Brown again brought his loyal followers with him cheering him on in triumph.

In a strange match-up super middleweights southpaw Khalil Farah 3-2 (1) of Philadelphia seemed to frustrate Germany’s Jurgen Hartenstein 11-13-1 (2) for the most part. Farah was credited with a first round knockdown catching Hartenstein off balance. As it turned out it was the difference on all three judges’ cards 38-37 for Farah which brought down the house in displeasure for several minutes.

Opening up the show was ‘Hammerin’ Hank Lundy, 10-0 (6), who scored a shut out against Damon Antoine, 7-21-1 (3), of Akron, Ohio in a 6 round bout. In the final round a Lundy left hook caused Antoine’s glove to touch the canvas forcing referee Rosato to register an 8 count. Lundy found himself in a fight in the last two rounds and should learn to pace himself if and when his management decides to finally step up the competition. Lundy has had an extensive amateur career so he should be ready.

In attendance were local fighters IBF cruiserweight champion Steve ‘USS’ Cunningham, former world heavyweight champion Tim Witherspoon (who worked the corner’s of Mark ‘Oaktree’ Brown and Jose Medina), Demitrius Hopkins (WBC world title bout March 22nd with Junior Witter), Simon ‘One Punch’ Carr, and Derek Ennis (scheduled in the main event February 15th in Sewell, New Jersey). Always good to see the local fighters come out and support one another.

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