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50 Cent probably spreading the Adrien Broner Rumor says Richard Schaefer
By Steve Kim, MaxBoxing (March 19, 2013) Doghouse Boxing

Richard Schaefer
Kevin Iole of Yahoo! Sports reported that Adrien Broner, a key chess piece moving forward, could be a free agent in April (See link provided below to read Iole's article on Yahoo). But Golden Boy Promotions' CEO, Richard Schaefer is adamant in claiming that to be false information.
On Monday, Scahefer told MaxBoxing: "Adrien is part of a long-term deal with us and he has a long-term deal with Al Haymon as well. So I don't know who's spreading those rumors but whoever is doing that is probably 50 Cent. He better be careful because he's a guy who really doesn't know what he's doing. He might be a talented music guy but as a businessman, you have to look at his record. I mean, the Vitamin Water, that was like sheer luck. It was not because of his brains he got involved and you look at his record label, how many guys does he still have signed? When did he do his last concert? C'mon, now this guy wants to get into boxing?
“And now he's trying to go after our fighters? Good luck,” said Schaefer, who now joins Ja Rule and Fat Joe as those who have had beefs with “Fiddy.”

Kevin Iole's Article on Yahoo: CLICK HERE

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