Floyd Mayweather and Bob Arum did not talk Boxing
By Steve Kim, MaxBoxing (Feb 9, 2011) Special to Doghouse Boxing

On Monday morning, Todd duBoef of Top Rank (who does actually tweet) caused a bit of a stir by putting up a picture on Twitter of Arum, flanked by Jamie Foxx and one Floyd Joy Mayweather Jr. at one of the luxury suites inside Cowboys Stadium for this past weekend’s Super Bowl.

But hold your horses; no reunion is taking place.

"In effect, it was a social reunion," explained Arum, who said he and his former client got along famously. "I hadn’t seen or been with Mayweather in a number of years and he was nothing but nice and congenial. We had a good time and we laughed a lot, particularly he and Todd. That suite was filled with celebrities and I never once- and neither did Todd- talk anything about boxing.".

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