Bob Arum speaks on Antonio Margarito
By Steve Kim, MaxBoxing (May 27, 2011) Doghouse Boxing
Antonio Margarito eye injury

After undergoing a procedure at the John A. Moran Eye Center in Utah earlier this week, it looks like Antonio Margarito will resume his boxing career and possibly go ahead with a rematch with Miguel Cotto later this year.

It was feared that his career was over after suffering a fractured orbital bone near his right eye but after undergoing cataract surgery under the auspices of Dr. Alan Crandall, he could begin working out in a few weeks.

 "Far as I know," said his promoter, Bob Arum, "I talked to the doctor, it went extremely well. He's going to be fine; he's going to be back in two weeks for a final check-up. The doctor is 100 percent optimistic that he'll be able to start sparring, I guess, within a couple of weeks."

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