Freddie Roach vs. Alex Ariza
By Steve Kim, MaxBoxing (June 6, 2012) Doghouse Boxing (All Photos © German Villasenor, DHB)
From this week - Freddie Roach training with Manny Pacquiao at Wildcard - Photo © German Villasenor, Doghouse Boxing
Pic taken this week, Alex Ariz with Manny Pacquiao at Wildcard Gym - Photo © German Villasenor, Doghouse Boxing
So just how is Freddie Roach getting along with Manny Pacquiao's strength-and-conditioning coach, Alex Ariza? If you’ve been watching “24/7” on HBO, you'd say that if this were a marriage, they'd be sleeping in separate beds and preparing the divorce papers. Roach said on the most recent episode that Ariza will not be in the corner come fight night (although that might be Pacquiao's decision when it's all said and done).
“The thing is, I just spoke the truth. He shook my hand yesterday; I told him I was throwing the first pitch out [for last Wednesday's Dodgers game] and he gave me some advice on how to throw the first pitch out. There's no problem,” stated Roach, a couple of days before the third episode of “24/7” was aired. “I'm never going to let my fighter see any tension in the camp, that there's something wrong, because Manny's the most important thing and that's what we have to worry about. So there's not going to be a fist fight or anything like that in the Wild Card or anything like that. If Manny wants Alex here, that's his choice and he's going to be here.”
Of the months they spent preparing for this fight, Roach says, “We had a great camp. Manny's been very focused- a lot more focused- lot less distractions; sparring’s been very good.”

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