Game of Thrones
By Steve Kim, MaxBoxing (June 23, 2011) Doghouse Boxing
Game of Thrones

OK, you all know how I feel about “Game of Thrones” on HBO which was of “Illmatic” quality. But what was my favorite scene of season one?

After much deliberation, I'd have to say it was the overall growth and maturity of Daenerys Targaryen, who was pimped out by her brother, “The Dragon” Viserys, in a royal transaction. She went from this meek, little girl who was relegated to...well, you know, to becoming like the Hillary Clinton of the Dothrakis. She grew right before our eyes.

That was never more evident when Viserys broke up a lively hut party to demand his jewels and put his sword to Daenerys’ pregnant stomach. I mean, c'mon, if you're going to basically sell your sister for the good of your royal family, you don't go around acting like Iceberg Slim. You’d better show her some respect and gratitude for taking one for the clan. Well, big Khal Drogo gave him his, alright; he flat out gold-plated the guy into death and the sister just stood there, cold-blooded, and let it happen, stating that a real dragon cannot be burned to death (as we later found out).

Yeah, but throughout the first season, Daenerys done grew up like Rudy Huxtable

- As for my least favorite character (c'mon who else?), King Joffrey. Seriously, tell me you don't want to cut his head off yourself.

- Can you believe Ned Starks lost his head like that? Geez, I know there was a book to follow but isn't this like Tony Soprano sleeping with the fishes in the opening season?

- Khal Drogo, that was by far the pound-for-pound the roughest, toughest warrior in the land.

- And inch-for-inch, Tyrion (the imp) is by far the only likable one in the Lannister lot.

- How in the world are we all going to keep our sanity as we wait for this series to resume next spring?  That's the only real drawback with some of these classic HBO series. But honestly, I know it may go through a “sophomore jinx” but “Game” looks to be headed toward the pantheon of “The Sopranos” and “The Wire.”

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