By Steve Kim, MaxBoxing (July 17, 2012) Doghouse Boxing
OK, I’m gonna veer off from boxing for a quick second as I got this email from my old friend Hugo (fellow Montebello Oiler, Class of ’90) who sent me this email on Friday night...

I always enjoy reading your articles you write. I find them entertaining and informative. What I enjoy most are "the flurries" at the end of each article. Your "flurries" are always filled with pop culture, thoughts, quotes and info from all  other forms of entertainment, with that being said I am very disappointed you have not wrote anything about the sad news regarding Mr. Norman Sas. You might be asking yourself who the hell is Norman Sas? Well he is only the greatest inventor of all time in my opinion. He is the inventor of the electronic football game. Only one of the greatest  game of our generation. I am talking about pre-Atari, Commodore 6400, 4th and Inches and Tecmo bowl. You know the the game where you line up all your players at the 50-yard line then flip a switch and all you hear is this loud buzz which, then scatters all the players all over the field. You can’t tell me you do not know what I am talking about or did not have one. Steve you are Asian and along with the Abacus I know all you asian kids had that game cause if my poor ass was able to afford one you certainly could afford one. Anyway just poor one out or write an R.I.P for that old man on your next "Final Flurrie". Hope all is well. Keep up the good work. PEACE OUUUUUT!!!

Geez, Hugo, you really got your Shakespeare on for that email. I mean, seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever heard you make a statement that long in your life. What in the world got into you? Must’ve been some downtime at the fire station but yes, a tip of my lid to the late Mr. Sas, whose contributions to western civilization must never, ever be forgotten.
And no, I didn’t have one. Asian parents back then weren’t big on football so I didn’t get any of that fun stuff. But I had a friend who did and he was meticulous in ordering all the teams and painting on the uniforms and putting on the sticker decals. I mean, he made those things look like works of art. And it was funny; we would actually line up the players like a real game, going pro-set on offense, running a 4-3 on defense and then seeing Rams and Raiders scatter all over the place as the field vibrated.
So there ya go, Huggs (and hey, less than 45 days till kickoff. Get that spot on your sofa ready for me)...

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