The Battleship - Boxing Fan a big an admirer of Glen Johnson
By Steve Kim, MaxBoxing (July 20, 2012) Doghouse Boxing
Glen Johnson
Here's an email I got from a fan who's about as big an admirer of the recently retired Glen Johnson as I am:
Hi Steve,  just finished reading your tribute to our guy Glen. You did a nice job of giving him a much deserved last moment in the spotlight and I’m sure all his fans appreciated reading it. As you know, he’s been my favorite for a long time now and I will  miss his dogged determination and absolute professionalism. I hope the Battleship will  be happy and successful in his retirement. Glen seems like such a nice guy, you hope only good things come his way!  Nice job and thanks for allowing Glen to “take a bow” for his many years and success in the ring. He will  be missed!
Take care,
Bill Pittman
Bill, as always thanks for the email. And yeah, Johnson was a pro's pro and guys like him won’t come around much more often because the current marketplace just won’t allow it. Simply put, not many fighters will have the sheer will and determination to keep fighting the good fight when that system shuns them. In an era when so many talk of having misguided “swagger” while possessing a sense of entitlement, through it all, Johnson was a man of character and dignity.
For those who missed it, here was my article on “The Road Warrior”:
Goodbye to a Gentleman and Road Warrior - Glen Johnson S.Kim

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