Double Standard - Andre Ward, Manny Pacquiao
By Steve Kim, MaxBoxing (Sept 10, 2012) Doghouse Boxing
Andre Ward
In what was a dominating performance on Saturday night in Oakland, Andre Ward scored an impressive tenth round stoppage of Chad Dawson. Not everyone is a fan of Ward's style (admittedly, I'm not) but he's as good as anyone in the sport at carrying out a game plan and executing it three minutes at a time with focus and determination. Regardless of entertainment value - and this weekend’s outing was, by Ward's standards, very high - one thing he does is win. Over and over and over again.  He'll be a tough riddle to solve for years to come.
What I find interesting is that not many fans are bringing up the fact that Dawson was fighting at super middleweight for the first time in six years. Honestly, at any weight, I think Ward's intangibles would always give him a decided edge over Dawson (it was pointed out by Carlos Acevedo of that Dawson has never beaten an opponent that was younger than him) but it looked like he never really had his legs underneath him for much of the night. It's funny; when Manny Pacquiao “forces” Miguel Cotto to come in at 145 - which is all of one pound less than when Cotto fought Joshua Clottey in his fight prior to facing the “Pac-Man,” - there was a full campaign to discredit this win. Judging by the revisionist history that has taken place on that fight, you'd think Cotto was hooked up to IVs in the dressing room before he fought Pacquiao and taken into the ring from his dressing room on a wheelchair.
The bottom line is that Dawson signed the contract and quite frankly, because of the way he's been TV-packaged by his handlers, he simply had no leverage in these negotiations (from the venue to the weight to anything). Ward had all the advantages and he exercised them but unlike Pacquiao, it's not being pointed out pejoratively.

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