Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather? Don’t Count on It…
By Steve Kim, MaxBoxing (Nov 4, 2011) Doghouse Boxing
Photo: Floyd Mayweather & Manny Pacquiao
The boxing world was abuzz as Dan Rafael of broke the news on Wednesday night that Floyd Mayweather would be returning to the ring on May 5th at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas and targeting one Manny Pacquiao. To many, this meant that if Pacquiao, should he defeat Juan Manuel Marquez on November 12th, was next on the agenda for “Money.” 
But there's a big difference between staking your claim on a pay-per-view date and venue and actually negotiating a fight. According to Pacquiao's promoter, Bob Arum, this recent announcement actually hinders the process of making that long-awaited fight a reality.
“No, we're one step further away from Pacquiao-Mayweather because if they were sincerely trying to negotiate, they would have called me and said, ‘Right after the Marquez fight, if you win, let's sit down and see if we can make a deal.’ That's how you do it,” stated Arum on Thursday morning. “Not say, ‘This is the date and this is the venue.' What happens if Steve Wynn and Sheldon Adelson are going to put up $30 million to put it at the Thomas and Mack? Or is Jerry Jones going to put up a huge number? So what do you mean you reserved the MGM?
“The point is this is a stunt done on their part in order to try to put Floyd Mayweather back in the spotlight because it's eating him alive the attention that Manny and Juan Manuel Marquez are getting for their fight on November 12th.”
As for the ‘hold’ they have on the always coveted opening weekend and the MGM Grand (which seems to annually host a big pay-per-view event on this date, Arum scoffs at the notion,” It doesn't mean anything and what is May 5th? May 5th is a date. What is the date? It's Cinco de Mayo- the last I knew, Mayweather ain't a Hispanic. Pacquiao isn't a Hispanic. So what the f**k is Cinco De Mayo?!”
(It has to be noted that in both 2010 and 2011 on this traditional pay-per-view slot at the MGM Grand, that it was Shane Mosley who fought both Mayweather then Pacquiao and did robust numbers. It's clear; as it relates to these two titans, the conventional rules don't apply to them.)
As for who the “Pac-Man” could face, should he get past his Mexican rival next week, Arum made it clear, “I have stayed away from Manny. We have never talked to Manny about a future opponent. I've said clearly we're not dealing with future fights until November 13th if he's successful and that's the bottom line of it. And what Richard Schaefer and Leonard Ellerbe have done is just silly. It's just silly. Everybody sees through it.”
Mayweather trying to rain on the parade of Top Rank and Pacquiao is nothing new. On the day that Pacquiao faced Ricky Hatton in 2009, Mayweather announced his return to the ring that morning. Arum says his focus is on his own event next week, which also takes place at the MGM Grand.
“Pacquiao-Marquez is doing unbelievable numbers. First of all, we know that the gate sold out in two or three weeks, completely sold out. Not bullsh*t. That the tickets on the after-market are going for huge numbers, we know that. We know that the closed-circuit with Joe Gagliardi is doing off-the-charts. I haven't seen anything like it,” he said. “We know that the pay-per-view, that DirecTV, all of them, Comcast, are putting a lot of money into the advertising. That's going to do un-beee-liev-able. Unbelievable. And we have all the stuff coming next week. So they know what we're going to do a number that's going to blow everything before it away. They know that and it's going to be very, very difficult for them to deal with. Very, very difficult to deal with.”
Arum then added, “We know the numbers. They're making up phony numbers. We know that. Who are they kidding?”
It's been about a two-year road to nowhere as it relates to making this fight come to fruition. A myriad of issues and personal animus have gotten in the way of making Pacquiao-Mayweather. You get the sense it may never happen. Arum admits that the chances of this ever occurring (at least when this fight is at its peak value) is lessening. “Yeah, sure, because adults, when they want fights to happen, make a call, ‘Bob, let's put aside a day, two days and sit at a table and let's see if we can put it together.’ Wouldn't you think that's the way it's done? That's the way I'd do it.”
The last real serious talks took place last summer, as one side claimed no negotiations took place.
“We had a discussion that wasn't a discussion. [then-President of HBO Sports] Ross [Greenburg] said I talked to him. [Al] Haymon talked to him- and they say nothing ever happened. There were no negotiations,” recalled Arum, chuckling, “and two years ago, when we discussed it, they broke down over drug testing.”
The Pacquiao side has made it unequivocally clear that they will submit to Olympic-style drug testing (although it's not clear if a cutoff date has been agreed to in terms of that testing) but the media circus that saw hourly, changing reports of this elusive match-up back in the winter of 2009 and early 2010 will not see Arum as a participant this time around.
“Not me, I'm not doing anything unless I get a call to sit down for a secret meeting and if we can't put it together, we can't put it together. If we can put it together, we'll put it together. We're not going through a circus. Why would I go through a circus with Manny Pacquiao, who is doing numbers that no one would dream of? 
“He's the brand. I'm not going to sully the brand with a lot of nonsense.”

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