The Promoting of Tim Bradley
By Steve Kim, MaxBoxing (Nov 9, 2011) Doghouse Boxing (Photo © German Villasenor, DHB)
Photo: Manny Pacquiao training with Freddie Roach
On what was a brisk autumn afternoon last Saturday at the Santa Anita Park, a place best known for thoroughbred horses, a pair of prizefighters were featured as a prelude to this weekend's pay-per-view event in Las Vegas. While the horses ran trackside, a boxing ring was set up near the far end of the bleachers. The main focus of the predominantly Mexican-American turnout was Juan Manuel Marquez, who faces Manny Pacquiao in this weekend’s big event. First to appear at this promotional junket was junior welterweight titlist Tim Bradley, who appears on the undercard in his Top Rank Promotions debut.
As Bradley worked a few token rounds on the pads with his trainer, Joel Diaz, only a smattering of fans had shown up by this juncture. The truth of the matter is most everyone who arrived would come to see Marquez, who was mobbed by the masses later on.
For the “Desert Storm,” this is the first step in Top Rank's plan to showcase him to the general populace and turn him into a transcendent figure, not a guy whose supposed “big” fights take place at decrepit barns like the Pontiac Silverdome. In addition to taking care of his media duties, Bradley made a live appearance on Horse Racing TV and stayed for a few hours to sign autographs and pose for pictures with the public.
“That means a lot to me; you know why? I feel that this is a great opportunity for the fans to come out to an event like this, see the actual fighters, interact with the fighter,” said Bradley, who faces Joel Casamayor on Saturday. “It does good as far as building interest towards the fight because when they leave here, they're going to take those pictures and post them online. They're going to tell their friends about it, then their friends’ friends are going to tell their friends about it and it's a train effect. It's going to go right down the line and many people are going to know who Timothy Bradley is.”
I guess you could call it the “Alpha-Beta” effect.  In other words, tell a friend.
Before coming to Top Rank, Bradley was co-promoted by Thompson Boxing and Gary Shaw Productions, who did an admirable job of moving him up the boxing food chain and developing him as a boxer. But in terms of raising his profile? Well, let's just say that's where his past promoters were a tad limited. It's hard to do that if all you're going to invest in during an event’s build-up is the obligatory conference call with reporters and a media workout. It's now the cookie-cutter option that is too often the template for “promoting” fights nowadays.
Bradley remarked, “Sometimes they'll do some sort of events but nothing like this, nothing big like this, promoting a fight but I'm happy to be here and this event here is great. It's great for me. It's the first time I've ever done something like this in my career.” As you saw Bradley mingle with the fans, it's clear that he enjoyed the attention, especially considering that he's been incognito the past nine months since his victory over Devon Alexander in late January. According to Bob Arum, who was on hand with members of his staff, just about every single fighter yearns to have such activities planned for him.
However, it takes money and resources and in the age of TV packagers, fewer and fewer of these events are organized. You can call Arum a lot of things but first and foremost, he’s a traditional, throwback promoter. “If you're a promoter, how are you supposed to promote, right? I mean, you don't promote, sitting at your desk and just calling various media people and making statements about how they should write something because boxing is dead and you should revive it. That's not promoting,” he stated emphatically.
Top Rank believes that Bradley, a fighter who's more respected than revered, can be something bigger than just a guy who appears on HBO or Showtime twice a year in casino ballrooms.
“I think Tim Bradley can be a big, big star. I think we can bring Tim Bradley around so we pack arenas, so we really expose him. It wasn't so long ago that people said, ‘What can you do with a little Filipino who could barely speak English?’ That might be true but the key difference is that for whatever barriers the “Pac-Man” faced, he has a fan-friendly style that resonated with the public. Arum and his company can put up millions of dollars in a marketing campaign but it won’t mean much if Bradley can't be an entertaining performer. In boxing, style points count- if you want to be a star.
The young man from Cathedral City (near Palm Springs) doesn't disagree with that notion.
“That's something I've been thinking about these last couple of months,” he admitted. “That's the reason I've been working extremely hard, extra hard to be a crowd-pleaser for this upcoming fight on this big stage. I prepare each time out to be a crowd-pleaser but you know what? This time I put in a lot of work and everybody is going to see it on the 12th. I put a lot of work in. I'm prepared. Like I said, I did not have one bad sparring day. Normally, in my training camps I have a couple of bad sparring days but not one time did I look completely horrible in sparring. I looked phenomenal each time out.”
You just wish that the chance to shine on this occasion didn't come against the ghost of Casamayor, a fighter who's the very definition of “faded.” In many respects, Top Rank put Bradley in a lose-lose situation. Blow him out and you won’t get much credit for it. Struggle and, well, you did so against a shot guy. And there is time to make up for. What was supposed to be this defining victory in Pontiac against Alexander was instead a disappointing night for fight fans only to be followed up by in-fighting and litigation with Bradley’s now-former promoters. Top Rank would like to erase that with plenty of opportunities to show his stuff in the upcoming future.
Arum's goal is to have him as active as possible next year. The veteran promoter says, “They realize that we can't always pay them the top dollar like when they're fighting on HBO or Showtime but we can pay them well to fight on pay-per-view cards and so forth because you're not going to get more than two fights for them on HBO. But that doesn't mean they should be limited to those two fights. I would like three but ideally four fights for him in 2012.”
A fight with Pacquiao could be in the offing (let's not be naïve; it is one of the reasons why Bradley signed with this company). But for “Desert Storm,” just being on his undercard- despite all the other significant championship fights he's been half of in the past- represents the biggest stage he's ever been on.
“Absolutely,” he said, grinning widely. “No disrespect to anybody but it is bigger. It absolutely is the biggest fight card I've ever been on in my whole career.”


Lou DiBella confirmed to Maxboxing on Tuesday afternoon that Andre Berto had vacated the IBF welterweight belt he just won in September versus Jan Zaveck. Berto was due to face his mandatory challenger Randall Bailey but the word is that HBO balked at that fight, preferring a rematch between Berto and Victor Ortiz, who won their memorable first war back in April.

But DiBella is a bit miffed by HBO's position.

“Team Berto recognizes and I recognize that boxing needs the biggest fights right now and we understand why they press for Victor Ortiz but it just seems that there's something of a double-standard out there and that there's no question that Randall Bailey is a legitimate mandatory- unlike most of them- that he earned the right by fighting top welterweights and that he is the most dangerous puncher, pound-for-pound in boxing, and that obviously he would've posed risk for Andre Berto. So the IBF treated him like a schnook and it's offensive to me and to Bailey.”

It has to be noted that Bailey, like Berto, is represented by DBE and has taken more than one step-aside fee during his tenure as the top-ranked contender.

DiBella continued, “And frankly, Berto worked to get that opportunity and to have to give up the belt after he paid very, very well and dearly for Jan Zaveck to come here- including economic options that we have to pay even though we're not going to defend that title is somewhat troubling. And what gets me is they say that the titles don't matter- until they matter to them because there's a number of fights they've made over the last year- and you don't need me to point them out- that are simply opportunities to get belts for certain people and that's troubling.”

OK, but it has to be pointed out that, for years, Berto has benefited from being part of the Haymon Boxing Organization and it's ironic that Zaveck was, in large part, chosen by Berto's representatives and green-lighted by the network because of that belt. But perhaps it truly is a new day at the beleaguered network. Maybe this is a signal that from this point forward, it will be about fights, not fighters (or their promoters or the advisers who rep them).

“Now on the flipside of it, I'm happy if we can get a deal done for Ortiz and Golden Boy. This would be the biggest way to start the New Year and God knows we need quality fights and these two guys will always go to war with each other. It's just, stylistically, a great fight. It was a great fight the first time,” said DiBella.

As for the vacant belt, DiBella stated he was waiting on the IBF to designate the next leading available contender. He noted, “It appears to be Carson Jones,” who has a fight scheduled for December against Ricardo Williams. If DiBella had his way, it would be Bailey-Jones as the opener to Ortiz-Berto II- but there's one fight he will not have thrown on him.

“I will not be involved in the promotion of that show if Devon Alexander and Paulie Malignaggi, if they try to shove that on my show,” he promised. “It'll be the second fight in a row that I've learned that they're discussing fights that don't involve me as the opening fight- and that's not going to happen. I'm not having another fight shoved underneath me, particularly a fight that is as non-entertaining as Devon Alexander and Paulie. They want to make Devon and Paulie, give a date to Golden Boy and let them do it. I have no problem with the free market but don't shove that underneath my show.”

OK, the thing is, what if it's Golden Boy's date? And if the days of their output deal with HBO are finished and this is a true co-promotion, what makes it so clear to DiBella that GBP would want Bailey-Jones as the co-feature? Then there are the issues of the purse split and venue that still have to be ironed out. The working date for this fight is late January.

“I understand they want to start the year with the biggest fight you can start it with but here's what troubles me,” explained DiBella. “It seems to be a couple of promoters that are always put in that situation where, why aren't others dictated to that have more leverage? They should also be making the biggest fights possible. Why isn't it dictated to in an even-handed way? I have no problem with the premise. It's correct. My only objection is a lack of an even playing field.”
It’s funny how Gary Shaw is making some rather self-serving comments to various writers on how he would've built up the fight between two of his former clients James Kirkland and Alfredo Angulo into something bigger for both men. Well, geez, didn't he do the exact opposite in basically microwaving Bradley-Alexander like a Totino's frozen pizza?
Perhaps he would have staged that fight at the Kingdome in Seattle (even after it was imploded).
How do you feel about a rematch between Kirkland and Nobu Ishida?...Forgot to mention this before but Efrain Esquivias had a solid victory over Fernando Beltran Jr. in Ontario, CA on Friday night...“The Piers Morgan Show” featuring Pacquiao, Arum and Freddie Roach airs on Friday night on CNN at 9 PM, ET/PT...Tony Weeks has been named as the third man in the ring for Pacquiao-Marquez on Saturday night...So is Earl Bennett the go-to receiver the Bears needed all along?...Did Joe Flacco exorcise all his demons against the Steelers?...Just my opinion but the bout between Luis Cruz and J.C. Burgos is the best fight on the Pacquiao-Marquez undercard...He may not be a truly elite QB but Eli Manning is having an elite season for the “Big Blue”...Well, you can call Albert Haynesworth a big ol' bust for the Patriots...Will this be the way that the legendary “JoePa” will leave Penn State? It's almost unfathomable...
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