Boxing Returns to NBC!…Sort of…
By Alec Kohut, Max Boxing (Nov 29, 2011) Special to Doghouse Boxing
I received a press release from Main Events on Tuesday announcing the formation of NBC Sports’ “Fight Night” to be aired on the Versus network once a quarter during 2012 (Versus will be renamed the NBC Sports Network on Jan. 2nd). The first broadcast will be from the Asylum Arena in South Philly on Saturday, January 21st.
Main Events will lead the effort with J. Russell Peltz serving as matchmaker and Kathy Duva stated they are “reaching out to all promoters to get involved in the series and our priority is simply to make exciting fights. We don’t care who brings the fighters.” If there’s a promoter in America today that I have confidence will make this work, it’s Kathy Duva.
The major question is: will NBC work to make this successful? Will they promote this venture during NFL playoff games and college basketball, actually reaching out to sports fans and not just boxing fans? I also hope that Versus- sorry- the NBC Sports Network will accommodate more dates if the first couple of shows prove successful. I’d like to believe this could become at least monthly if it can get solid ratings.
Time will tell, however and we expect to talk to Duva on the East Coast Boxing Report this Tuesday, airing from 9 –10:30 pm EST at

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