Kelly Pavlik and Jack Loew Feud Goes Public
By Alec Kohut, Max Boxing (Dec 23, 2011) Special to Doghouse Boxing
Recently, both Jack Loew and Kelly Pavlik gave quite incendiary interviews to WMFJ-TV in Youngstown. No need to go into details but it’s fair to say that their relationship is irreparably damaged. The raw footage of both Jack’s TV interview and Kelly’s phone interview was posted by the station a couple of weeks ago. It’s actually kinda sad. I don’t care to go into details or take sides. Let TMZ do that.
Pavlik did tell me that he is all set to head out to California and train with Robert Garcia and will leave just after Christmas. He hinted that his return bout could be as early as February, possibly on the East Coast. I’ll keep you informed.
“Friday Night Fights” Season Premiere: Cut ‘n Shoot, Da Momma’s Boy and Dannie Williams
Speaking of Jack Loew, he remains busy at the Southside Gym, getting both lightweight Dannie Williams and welterweight Willie Nelson ready for the Key West card that will be this season’s ESPN2 “Friday Night Fights” premiere. Neither Williams nor Nelson are expected to be on the televised part of the card. It will be interesting to see what Loew can do with the very tall Nelson after he was dropped three times by Vincent Arroyo in his first pro loss. Williams needs a strong 2012 campaign but did seem to be turning the corner late in ’11, although against less than world-class opposition.
The televised portion of the show will feature one of our honorary East Coast fighters, Alfonso Lopez of Cut ‘n Shoot, Texas, against Dyah Davis. This is a great matchup with a real “Go-or-go-home” feel to it. I like Lopez to outwork and outmuscle Davis but I’m hesitant to count Davis out. This is a real toss-up to start the year.
The first televised bout on the card will be undefeated Bronx junior middleweight Steven Martinez squaring off against once highly-touted prospect Denis “Da Momma’s Boy” Douglin, who received national press for the fact he is trained by his mother. Martinez, 11-0 (9), has yet to face anything close to real test while Douglin, 13-1 (8), was stopped in his only test by Doel Carrasquillo last February. Not just a fight but Douglin’s career is on the line in this one.

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