Is Manny Pacquiao The Best?
By Daniel Miltz, Doghouse Boxing (June 23, 2011) Doghouse Boxing
Manny Pacquiao
One must consider in this day and age of boxing - boxers come and go, and fade into obscurity as fast as they came in. But there are a few exceptions that stand out, and they are few and far between. Who can say that one boxer in one era, and another in a far gone era is greater. Sometimes comparisons are hard to make. It's the impact that the boxer makes in his time period, that is important. There is an important evaluation in boxing that is often said: "Styles make fights".

Pacquiao the Best?   Hmm!...I must differentiate!! -- Manny Pacquiao's ability and artistry along with his established accomplishments and who he has defeated in the halos of the pugilistic prize ring should leave behind no uncertainty as to where he stands out with the all-time greats. With all that, Manny has constituted;  and the fact, that he has fought the best numerous times, he has to be considered an all-time great achiever.  Some experts are now thinking Manny Pacquiao is the best, mostly because, after a series of dynamite wins over flashy opponents who are not only world-classed contenders, but are larger than him.

However, let's realize, this is a different period of time in the boxing world and to make a comparison to some of the old time greats would be a difficult task to achieve. We could analyze different styles, similarities, to a never ending.  So, in order to come up with a different perspective, I would say: "I wonder."

I just wonder how he would've performed with a Sugar Ray RobinsonHenry Armstrong or a Sam Langford at his best. To begin with, let's think back!... Many boxing aficionados consider Sugar Ray Robinson as the greatest of all time.  He has contributed a lot of excitement to the sport," but Robinson, a boxing gladiator with lighting speed and impeccable timing, solid punching power, graceful style, was at his optimum best, when he was a welterweight, and yet, exceptionally good when he went up to the middleweight division.

Now, let's consider, Henry "Hammerin Hank" Armstrong who had amazing speed, an incessant windmill style, along with a killer punch, and bulldozing power;  all this, while clinging on to three divisional title belts at the same time. Now that was awesome!

Furthermore, it was at a time when the sport of boxing only had eight weight classes;  compared to what-ever they have now?  And besides, who can calculate them all?

Another point, back in the glory days of boxing, media coverage was abundant. Turn to the sport pages and look at what coverage the sport of boxing offers today. Hardly anything!  So truthfully, we can say that boxing in the United States lags well behind other established sports.

Consequently, boxing's popularity has always been based on the heavyweight division. What is more, there has not been a popular heavyweight in America for a long time now. Boxing also doesn't carry as many big names as they used to. It happens from time to time. Above all, the whole sport is surviving on telecasts by HBO and Showtime and a fistful of overpriced Pay-Per-View shows.

Then there's Sam Langford, a supreme talent, who was considered the most avoided fighter in boxing history and greatest fighter to never win a title.  He was one of many top echelon boxers denied a chance to fight for a championship, largely, because of the tension and turmoil of racial discrimination. Langford took on every able-bodied fighter he could, from lightweight to heavyweight, in his glorious 24-year career.

In that respect, there may have been in greater extent, more superior pugilists than Mr. Pacquiao in the last century. But who's to say, maybe one day someone will come along and thoroughly put together an intense study of the 'sweet  science' under a microscope. But as of now, in this day and age - without doubt, Manny Pacquiao is one of the greatest in boxing {and also} one of the greatest personalities in boxing  to have come along since Tyson.

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