What is happening to Christy Martin's Husband?
By Daniel Miltz, Doghouse Boxing (June 30, 2011) Doghouse Boxing
Bernard Hopkins
All I remember is when the deranged whacko James Martin, the husband of female boxer Christy Martin, was taken to the hospital after the cops busted him near his Florida home. My thoughts are that he might be out of the hospital by now, and recovering somewhere in some loony bin.  I know for sure, I never saw Christy at the Hall of Fame in Canastota this year.

So, what is happening?...

The screwball James was accused of aggravated assault/battery and attempted murder on shooting and stabbing his legendary wife. The crazed Martin was on the lam for nearly a week after the cops nabbed and cuffed him.

Sources back then say that he was sniffed out by K-9 dogs and was found trembling in the dark deep woods. After an apparent suicide by stabbing himself in the gut, the meat wagon hauled him off immediately to the 'Orlando Regional Medical Center'- where his wife was being treated for her deadly gun and knife wounds that he reportedly set off on her. 

They should of taken him directly to the 'nut house' instead of Orlando Regional. As for now, I have not heard any reports or statements on what is going on now for Christy Martin.

Or maybe, I should of reported: "What Is Happening With Christy Martin?  -or- "What Is Happening With James Martin?  -or- "What is Happening With James Martin's Wife?


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