Post Fight Afterthoughts on Khan - Judah Fight
By Daniel Miltz (July 25, 2011) Doghouse Boxing (Photo © German Villasenor)
Pawel Wolak
Daniel Miltz, Editor @ Miltz Boxing News. After the fight with Amir Khan... Zab Judah should probably call it a career. He had the wrong game strategy against Khan.

Zab should of been pulling away the whole time, and he should have been rolling in, off the misses, and start throwing combinations with Khan. His patented hook landed a couple times, but it needed to be followed up. Again, short quick combinations, moving forward, would have set up the counters, he wanted.

I was visualizing, he had a hard time throwing anything. He fought scared. The old Zab, would go for an early KO instead of just being defensive.

But for all time sake, Zab knew what he was doing. He fought as if he didn't want the fight...Was it any surprise. Zab is used to being the fastest guy. It is difficult to throw at age 34, when you have a machine gun throwing punches at you.

Having said that, let's preface > He just wasn't prepared for what he was going to face and didn't know what to do. In that mere moment, Zab was caught with a good body shot on the beltline that ripped his mid-section, unexpected. When you review the tale-of-the-tape - the shorts moved upward, and it appeared to be a low-blow thrown.

If you get hit below the belt, the only way it will really hurts, is if the cup, is hit sideways and your globule droplets are being pulled with the cup. Not mistaken, the punch was for sure on the belt-line...Zab got caught off-guard. He was trying to get a moment to recover, but he wasn't aware the referee didn't make the call.

To sum it all up, Zab got a nice purse; being as he co-promoted the show. Who knows, they may even do a rematch to settle this low-blow dispute? If perhaps a rematch does take place, then what will be Zab's new game plan?

Personally, I don't believe they will try for a rematch...Khan proved to be too much, too quick for Zab. A rematch does nothing for Khan.

Now that this fight is over, again I'm thinking Khan is number one at welterweight; but I felt that way after the Maidana fight.

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