Interview w/ WBF Intercontinental Boxing Champ Raja Amasheh
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Interview w/ WBF Intercontinental Boxing Champ Raja Amasheh
By Special Report on Doghouse Boxing (Aug 29, 2013)

Raja Amasheh
Raja Amasheh
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On September 7, as part of the big World Boxing Federation Convention Championship Boxing Night in Saarbruecken, Germany, WBF Intercontinental Champion Raja Amasheh (15-0-1, 4 KOs) will be attempting to take her career to the next level when she fights Austrian Eva Voraberger (16-2, 8 KOs) for the vacant WBF Womens World Super Flyweight title.

  From Karlsruhe, 31-year-old Amasheh recently joined Bill Calogero on his famous Talking Boxing With Billy C. TV and Radio show, and the following is a transcript of their conversation:  

Billy C.: She is a top-ranked Super Flyweight and she is going to be fighting for the world title soon. Please welcome Raja Amasheh. Good evening Raja!

  Raja Amasheh: Good evening. Hello!

  B.C: How are you doing today?


R.A: Im fine, thank you. How are you?


B.C: Not too bad. First and foremost, we will talk about your big fight coming up in a minute, but let me ask you…your undefeated, and your in a division that seems to be pretty hot right now in women’s boxing. What’s your thoughts on that?


R.A: Yeah, its pretty hot. There are some good fighters, but I am ranked pretty good.


B.C.: Yes, you are definitely ranked up there, and for all of our listeners and viewers out there who has never seen you fight, how would you describe yourself, what’s your style?


R.A: My style is very aggressive. Im going forward and forward, and I am fighting my heart out, like a whirl wind.


B.C: I have seen some videos of you fight, and you like to throw lots of punches and you come right at your opponent. You are getting a shot at a world title, you are going to be fighting September 7 for the vacant World Boxing Federation Super Flyweight belt. Do you have a gameplan going into that fight? You are are arguably fighting the most experienced fighter of your career in Eva Voraberger. Do you have a specific gameplan set for her?


R.A: Yes. The gameplan for Eva is to put pressure on her, and don’t let her fight and come into the fight. She should fight me, and the gameplan is to just put as much pressure we can on her. And then I just think she will lose it.


B.C: You know, during your career you have only gone ten rounds one time. And this is for a world title so it is scheduled for ten rounds. Do you have to do anything special in your conditioning and preperations to make sure you are going to have the energy to go full force for all ten rounds?


R.A: Yes, its very hard preparations this time and we started two weeks earlier than usual. Especially conditioning and fitness we did a lot of hard work this time, much harder than the last fight.


B.C: Tell me, do you follow the sport? A lot of time I talk to fighters and they are just in it as professionals but they don’t follow the sport of boxing. Are you a fan of the sport?


R.A: Yes, of course. I wake up in the middle of the night to watch the HBO fights and fights from the UK. I am a fighter and a fan as well.


B.C: Since you have to wake up in the middle of the night, you are not out partying at the clubs…


R.A: No…not at this time just before a fight…


B.C: Oh, I see, I see. Okay, so when you are preparing for a fight you are very disciplined, buuuut when its not time for a fight there is nothing wrong with going out and having…


R.A: No, there is time for party and there is time for discipline. For everything you have a timeframe.


B.C: That’s right. Well, you know I am lucky. I don’t have to worry about training for fights, so I can go out and party whenever I want, so…


R.A: Lucky guy…


B.C: So you stay in pretty good shape all the time, I mean your not one of those fighters that totally get crazy in between fights and then you really got to struggle during your preparations. Your always in good shape right? What do you do on a regular basis?


R.A: We are always in training. We always try to keep the good shape and to keep the minimum of condition and fitness and boxing. I am in training between the fights as well. We work harder up to a fight, but I am always in training.


B.C: When are we going to see you here in the states? You never fought outside of Germany, and we need quality womens fighters such as yourself to fight herein the states, because although we have a lot of talented women it just seems that they are not exiting enough to get put on the shows. Do you see yourself fighting here in the states soon?


R.A: It depends on if we get an offer from the states, sometimes its not your decision but I am open to that and wish to fight in the states. But I have to wait until we get a good offer or something.


B.C: Well I will tell you right now you put on a good show, and you stay up late to watch HBO. That’s something that has never been done, there has never been a female on a main event on HBO, and that would be great to see, you being the first one doing that.


R.A: Yeah, that would be great, it would be a dream come true, you know.


B.C: One last thing, I know you are busy. How do you see the fight with Eva going, do you have a prediction, obviously you have studied her, how do you see this fight going if everything goes according to your plan and your teams plan, how is it going to unfold on September 7?


R.A: I think it will be a very hard fight, and it will be a world class fight between two top fighters. But if our gameplan does come true, and everything works out as we trained for, I think I have to win this fight. It’s a dream to be world champion and I have to win it. And I have to beat Eva if I want to be world champion, so there is no doubt of that.


B.C: Pretty cut and dry. You know, you wanna be a world champion and you gotta come out with the W on September 7, right?


R.A: Yeah, if you want to be world champion you have to beat everybody.


B.C: Well Raja, I appreciate your time and I hope I get to see you here in the states. And I hope you can come back on the show after you win this world title. Please reach out to me, we would love to have you come on and hear how you feel aboit finally becoming a world champion. You know, you have been in this sport not that long, only sixteen pro fights so you are right around the perfect time to be a world champion so I wish you all the luck in the world.


R.A: Thank you, thank you, and I will come back to you.


B.C: Alright, sounds good…


To listen to the interview, go to this link:

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