Marco Huck Interview: On Alexander Povetkin, Wladimir Klitschko, Roy Jones Jr, Drugs in Boxing & much more...
Marco Huck Interview: On Alexander Povetkin, Wladimir Klitschko, Roy Jones Jr, Drugs in Boxing & much more...
By Jenna Jay, OnTheRopes Boxing Radio, Doghouse Boxing (July 26, 2012) Doghouse Boxing

Marco Huck #174 OnTheRopes Boxing Radio

Exclusive Interview by Jenna J. In my latest edition of "On The Ropes" boxing radio, I had a chance to catch up with WBO Crusierweight champion Marco Huck  (35-2-1, 25KOs) who is coming off a draw against Ola Afolabi that took place May 5th. Marco touched on a variety of topics pertaining to that fight and his future both in the Cruiserweight divison and Heavyweight division, including a possible fight with Wladimir Klitschko. Here is what he had to say.

Jenna: How are things going Marco?

Marco Huck: I am doing really well, thank you.

Jenna: Marco people have been wondering what your next move is. Your last fight it was a majority draw. What's next for you?

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Marco Huck: I'm a real fighter. I love boxing and always looking for new challenges. Obviously against Afolabi it was quite close, but I wasn't in the best shape. Afolabi did really well, but I did win in the end and kept the belts, but I was not in the best shape I was ever in.

Jenna: Marco, maybe you can elaborate a little more on that. Your previous fight the one before Afolobi, you went up to HW and you fought Alexander Povetkin. Was coming back down to 200 pounds one of the reason why you had some struggles with Afolobi?

Marco Huck: In the week before the fight I had to lose 6 kilos, obviously that probably did influence my performance, but I wasn't as motivated as before, although I did take it seriously, obviously I wasn't as motivated.

Jenna: Your fight before that. You fought Alexander Povetkin and to most peoples eyes you deserve to win and take his WBA Belt. Now that's been little while since that fight, what are your thoughts on it?

Marco Huck: Obviously I am disappointed. Most people did see me as the winner for that fight, its not very encouraging having giving my hard work taken away from me in that kind of fashion, obviously I am not pleased on that one. Even people like Freddie Roach, who you obviously know in the states, had me winning the fight. So that just shows me that I was the winner in that fight.

Jenna: I completely agree with you, I watched that fight and I do believe you were the winner Marco. I actually bet some money on you in that fight; its shame I would’ve won 80 bucks if the call went your way.

Marco Huck: (laughs) Not only you put a lot money on it, a lot of people I know put a lot of money on it.

Jenna: Where do you think your future lies? Do you see your self as a HW or CW?

Marco Huck: I actually wanted to stay on as a HW, but obviously I got a promoter, but we have to discuss that together. But I don't know exactly where my future lies, obviously a lot of my fans also want me to continue as a HW.

Jenna: Marco do you feel the need to have a third fight with Afolabi, giving that the both fights were very close?

Marco Huck: I don't really see the necessity in facing him again; I don’t really believe people want to see that fight again. But obviously he is a nice guy, and I wish him the best for his future.

Jenna: Marco lets talk about the division you really want to campaign in at and that would be the HW division. Recently there were a few fights of interest out there. Wladmir Klitchko took on Tony Thompson in a rematch and ther was also David Haye vs. Derrick Chisora. Curious what you thought about both of those fights?

Marco Huck: Thompson vs. Klitschko fight wasn't really a contest, as obviously everybody knew exactly who was going to win, it's just a shame that the fans buy into the hype in that one. Haye vs. Chisora was really good fight, a really open fight, people didn’t know who was going to win that one, and these kind of fights are the ones make the HW division exciting again, and the ones that the people want to see in the future.

Jenna: Marco, people give a lot of slack to Wladmir Klitschko for having a boring style, you yourself actually have a pretty exciting style, if you were to get into the ring with Wladmir Klitschko, how do you think that fight would go?

Marco Huck: I believe that I would definitely beat him, and now these days a lot of people are tuning into his fights to see if someone can actually beat him. It's not really surprising that he is not that popular over in America due to the fact that he is that of an exciting fighter.

Jenna: Lets change things up a little bet Marco, and get your views on the current boxing scene. One hot topic that seems to be going around the sport now is steroids. A lot of top fighters are starting to test positive for it. I am just curious to know what your thoughts are on that, and what boxing could do to change current trends?

Marco Huck: Obviously that's really disappointing, people like (Antonio) Tarver was actually looking forward and hoping to fight him maybe one day, that would've of been obviously big because of the name he has, but he chose that and things like that happened and it's obviously disappointing. It's stupid.

Jenna: Marco what's your current views of the CW division right now, Tarver was consider one of the top guys, but he tested positive, and you got guys like Guiermo Jones out there and Dennis Lebedev and Steve Cunningham is still out there. What do you think of the guys out there and who would you want to fight the most?

Marco Huck: None of them that you really mentioned. I am not really sure who I want to fight in the CW division but maybe I will see who I can find in the HW division.

Jenna: Now Marco there is a guy out who’s mentioned your name once or twice, and that would be Roy Jones Jr. Now he is fighting as CW. Do you think he should be fighting at this point in his career?

Marco Huck: Maybe when he was in his prime, he was and is absolute legend in his sport. But now days he's not anymore.

Jenna: Marco, when do you plan on actually return to the ring? You have no fights set up right now. What's the target date?

Marco Huck: If it was up to me I would get in to the ring right away, because I am a real warrior. But probably around mid October.  

Jenna: Now Marco, there is another guy that's fighting around the same time. Obviously, Alexander Povetkin has a mandatory against Hashim Rahman. If he wins that fight and you get a second opportunity against Alexander Povetkin how do you think the fight will go?

Marco Huck: I believe I would definitely knock him out. He obviously is going to fight Rahman next, and he was injured and I would’ve of loved to jump in to that chance, but obviously that didn't work out. But I am just hoping that I can face him at some point again. Guiermo Jones he was a champion for 5 years, and he only fought twice so obviously you can see everything is possible.

Jenna: Marco, a lot of fans have enjoyed your style when they got to view you on the epix channel, do you have any desire to fight in America, to bring your talents overseas?

Marco Huck: A lot people told me if I was to live in America I would be a big star, and I love America, I love the American dream, and I actually have family in New York and it would be really nice to fight there.

Jenna: They (the fans) certainly like you, is there anything you want to say to your fans, and maybe what they can expect from Marco Huck in 2012?

Marco Huck: Obviously I wish all the best to all my American fans, and hope they have a great year and a lovely summer, and I am really hoping that I get to chance to one day come over there and show them what I am all about.

Jenna: Well Marco it's been pleasure to have you back on the ropes, I thank you for your time, and I'd also like to thank Adam for translating this interview. I wish you the best of luck in the future Marco.

Marco Huck: Thank you very much, see you later!

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