Nonito Donaire Q&A: "Sparring Manny Pacquiao was an experience that really taught me how to fight a lefty" - Part Two
Nonito Donaire Q&A: "Sparring Manny Pacquiao was an experience that really taught me how to fight a lefty" - Part Two
By Jenna Jay, OnTheRopes Boxing Radio, Doghouse Boxing (Oct 13, 2012) Doghouse Boxing
Nonito Donaire
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The "Filipino flash", Nonito Donaire is set to enter the ring Tonight in one of his biggest bouts to date as he takes on Toshiaki Nishioka, live on HBO. In part 2 (See bottom of page for Part One link) of my exclusive "On The Ropes" boxing radio Interview with Donaire we discuss how he became the fighter he is today, his views on his fellow countryman Manny Pacquiao's upcoming fourth fight with Juan Manuel Marquez, who would win a  Pacquiao-Mayweather bout and his views on the Rios vs. Alvarado undercard fight. Also we discuss his strategy for tonight's fight, his official prediction and more! Here is what Nonito had to say.  (Also, you can hit play on the audio icon to listen now to the full radio show now).

Jenna Jay: You have a unique experience in the ring that I’m not sure most boxing fans are aware of, as you have actually sparred Manny Pacquiao back when you were younger. Can you tell the fans a little bit about that experience?

Donaire Donaire: It was an experience that you know really thought me how to fight a lefty, I am just growing up in the U.S. you know fighting here we kind of look for patterns and we tend to look for timing, and when I sparred many the first time, there was no timing, it was just a bunch of punches coming at you, you know but it was something that really got me better, because you know it made me really think, and how to defend with people like that have no rhythm, so you know it was really cool be able to just do that.

Jenna: Pacquiao is now set to have a fourth bout with Juan Manuel Marquez. How do you see that fight playing out?

Donaire: I think it’s going to be a very challenging fight for both guys, both guys are going to try to go out there KO each other out, so there might be a KO for this fight, because they sound like they’re going to go for it, and that will come out recklessness, but looking at, it might go the same route, close fight, but you know I would always go with the guy with speed, and that would be Manny, who has the advantage in that fight. But it’s going to be an incredible fight, like there last 3 fights.

Jenna: Before you step in the ring this Saturday, there is an interesting fight between Brendon Rios & Mike Alvarado. What kind of fight do you expect that to be?

Donaire: It’s going to be tough for both guys, I mean it’s going to be bloody, both guys are going to be toughing things out, you know they’re going to hit as hard as they can, and they’re going to take as much punishment as they can, and you know it’s going to be a different situation for Rios because Mike Alvarado is a same type of guy, but he is a bigger guy in for this fight, so you know but I know that Rios is a tough guy as well as Mike, but it’s going to be back and forth tassel fight, you can’t decide who will win the fight, but I know it’s going to be an excellent fight a must see fight.

Jenna: Now Nonito, I can’t possibly let you off the line without asking you this. Mayweather vs Pacquiao, if that fight ever does happen, who are you taking and why are you taking them?

Donaire: Well with me I always look at it every angle possible as a fight you know, both guys have never seen each others type of fighting style in the ring, and that’s what’s going to go down as who imposes the fight you know or there style, and with Manny his speed is definitely one of the keys too get him in there and with the volume of punches the raw power and strength has, but Mayweather also has that intelligence that he can brake down Manny’s style and that incredible defense that he has that might work or might not work because like I said you know its Manny you’re talking about, a guy who throws a thousand punches a round, so you never know he might be able to break that shell, if he does he will win that fight.  

Jenna: Back to your fight with Nishioka, what do you feel in the most important thing for you to do to come away with a victory?

Donaire: Just seeing what kind of style he puts out there you know if he’s going to be fast, I am going to be faster, if he is going to be strong, than I am going to smarter, you know it just depends what kind of style he has, it’s a fight that we’re not  taking anything for granted, or we’re are not taking anything light, but you know he is strong, and he has decent speed because of speed change, and he’s been in this division for a quite awhile, and he’s conquered this division for a long time, you know we just go to be smarter, and I think our game plan will work going into this fight.

Jenna: If you win this fight, are you going to stay at 122, or consider moving up to 126?

Donaire: Well that depends if we can make the other fights happen for me, than I am definitely going to definitely stay for this division, but if they tend to make it difficult for me than 126 is just around the corner and I can build my body up to that weight class and seek the best in that division but time will tell you know I really don’t see beyond what I have in front of me for now.

Jenna: What’s your official prediction for this Saturday night?  

Donaire: I don’t really make any predictions but you know I am going to go out there and I am going to give it all I got for my fans, the boxing world, the people that are watching you know I am going to make it as much as exciting fight as I can but you know this fight is going to be interesting because it can end early as 1st round but it can also be  as late as the final bell, so people can stay tune in and find out for themselves, but it’s going to be an action packed fight.

Jenna: In closing, is there any message you want to pass along to all your fans that you have around the world.

Donaire: I just want to thank them for always sporting me, there prayers, following me on my Facebook, and twitter, and on my website, and just interacting with me, I just want to thank them for that, but you know this fight, October 13, HBO with Top Rank this fight is a fight they got to see, so I just want to thank them for that, and thank you for having me.

A few special thanks goes out Tim for helping to bring this interview to the boxing readers

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