Ricky Hatton: "I fought Mayweather, I was down, but as long as I was breathing in that ring you know I was trying to Knock him out!"
Ricky Hatton: "I fought Mayweather, I was down, but as long as I was breathing in that ring you know I was trying to Knock him out!"
By Jenna Jay, OnTheRopes Boxing Radio, Doghouse Boxing (Nov 3, 2012) Doghouse Boxing
On the Ropes Radio #180 -  Ricky Hatton
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Exclusive Interview by Jenna Jay, Doghouse Boxing.  The long awaited comeback of Ricky Hatton is now only a few weeks away, but with such a long period of time out of the ring, there are still a lot of questions surrounding “The Hitman”. In Part 2 (see link at bottom of this interview for part 1) of my Exclusive “On The Ropes” boxing radio interview with Ricky, we discuss who will be guiding him for this ring return, and if he expects there to be any changes in his style for this comeback run.

Ricky also touched on the growing problem of performance enhancing drugs in the sport and gave his views on why a Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao fight has yet to come together. He also spoke out on his desire to make the fans believe in him once again.

All that and more. Here is what Ricky had to say...

Jenna Jay: Ricky, last time you were in the ring, you were trained by Floyd Mayweather Sr.  Who will you be working with now for this return bout?

Ricky Hatton: I am working with Bob Shelton, he’s been a Manchester trainer for a number of years, he has trained fighters from British level, to Commonwealth, to Europeans. He trained my brother for a world a title fight, when Matthew challenged Saul Alvarez, so he is a well respected coach in English terms. Personally to be honest with you, with me it’s about me going back to basics. I had the most success with working with Billy Graham, and Bob Shelton has all them training attributes that Billy Graham use to use, such as the distance training work, a bit of strength training, the body belt work, which was a big part of my game for a number of years, and going back to what made me to the fighter in the first place. Going back to the old school, the old training methods that made me what I am, and it’s not to say that I don’t take anything back or use what I’ve learned along the way, from the likes of Floyd Mayweather Sr., but I think at this point, it’s going back to basics, and what got me there in the first place.
Jenna:  Being that you are 34 years old now, do you see yourself making any kind of changes to your style for this comeback run?  

Hatton: Not particular, not a lot of things, the reason why they like Ricky Hatton is because as long as you’re in the boxing ring you go for the KO. I’ve seen so many fighters over the years fight Floyd Mayweather Jr., just survive, and trying to wait for the final round. Obviously you know when I fought Floyd I was down, but as long as I was breathing in that ring you know I was trying to Knock him out, and that’s what people like about me, so I don’t think my style will change, but more maturity obviously, I have to be little more cautious. My two defeats to Manny and Floyd is because I was going in as they would say in England,  like a chicken with his head cut off,  so that’s why they knocked me out. I have to tweak a few things, but ultimately it’s still the same old Ricky Hatton, that’s what people love.
Jenna: In the past year Ricky, quite a few top fighters have tested positive for performance enhancing drugs. What are your thoughts about some boxers cheating to get an advantage?

Hatton: I don’t get it personally, performance enhancing drugs.  I think I speak for majority of boxers, the reason why we went into boxing is trying to prove you’re the best in the world, you’re better than the guy in front of you,  and the reason why you’re better than the guy in front of you is because of your talent, your dedication, your fitness, training, and stuff like that, and you do those things and you beat the man in front of you. That was the whole purpose in stepping in the ring in the first place, but if you got a little pick me up or a little bit of a lift, due to having performance enhancing drugs, then obviously it’s a total disrespect to boxers to trying to become the better man. I know when I step in the boxing ring, I want to beat the man in front of me because I am better than him, not because I had little bit of this and I had little bit of that. You want to be the best and you want to do it off your own back.
Jenna: Besides your British fans, you had a great following in the United States. Are you hoping you can gain that following back not just over in England, but back in the USA this comeback?  

Hatton:  Absolutely, my show on Nov 24th in Manchester, you know 20,000 was sold out in 2 days, it seems like I haven’t lost my popularity. When I had my problems with depression and suicide, some were obviously disappointed, but a lot of people were sympathetic to my down side or fall if you like. So yeah it’s about redeeming myself, World boxing, British boxing, my local community, my family, and just everybody. A lot people will come up and they will say you did us proud, you won so many world titles, you had a great career, there is no shame getting beat by Floyd and Manny, but they don’t have to sit with the man on my shoulder that keeps telling me that I ended up as a failure, and that’s the main reason I am coming back.

Jenna: Ricky through this interview you mentioned Mayweather and Pacquiao. Are you at all surprise with all the time you have been away from the ring, that those to have never got in the ring with each other?

Hatton: I am little surprised to be honest, the whole reason I went into boxing was to trying beat the best. I became the best in my division junior welterweight, I moved up in weight to try to challenge Floyd, and to become the best P4P, and needless to say I failed, but nobody can say I didn’t try. And If I didn’t want to be the best I could of stayed in my old weight, and could of done that for 2-3 years, but I didn't and I knew Floyd was the best so I moved up 7 pounds. Needless to say both boxers have to do what’s best for their family, the best deal they can get, because it’s your family’s livelihood and your livelihood. But ultimately the fact that trying to be the best, you have to swallow your pride and prove it, but it would be great thing for boxing if those two can fight.
Jenna: Ok, well in closing Ricky is there any message you want to send out to all your fans that have supported you and are looking forward to your ring return on November 24th?

Hatton: Thank you for all the support that I've been getting from all the fans from Great Britain and the United States, and obviously the reason for my comeback is because I feel like I let so many people down from fans from Britain to fans from America . I just ask forgiveness. I’ve had lot problems at that time. So that's what I am trying to do, trying comeback and make up for the wrongs I've done. Trying to make people whether it would be American boxing or British boxing, make people proud of me. Everyone makes mistakes, and everyone deserves a second chance. Give me the opportunity to try and prove to you and make you proud again.

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