Photo Gallery of Roy Jones Jr. defeating Felix "Tito" Trinidad by Bob Kolb
All Photos by Bob Kolb, Text by Johnny Benz (Jan 21, 2008) Doghouse Boxing (Photos © Bob Kolb) 
Roy Jones Jr. turn back the clock with a stunning points victory over Felix "Tito" Trinidad. At times during the action was furious and brilliant, with both fighters giving fans their value for their money.

The judges' scorecards read as follows. Tommy Kaczmarek scored it 116-110 for Jones Jr. Julie Lederman had a score card of 117-109 for Jones Jr. Nelson Vazquez also scored it for Jones Jr. with a score of 116-110.

After the fight Jones Jr. stated: “I tried to put him away a few times but he slipped a lot of my good punches. I had a wonderful camp and great sparring partners.

“It was a great fight. I can’t believe he stayed in there for all of those rounds for me.

Felix Trinidad after the fight stated: “I took off two years and eight months. I take nothing away from Roy but if I could have avoided the KOs, I think I would have won the fight. He was very fast and strong and threw great punches. I have no excuses. ”.

All photos below are from Bob Kolb who was at the event for DoghouseBoxing. All photos © Bob Kolb. Text provided by Johnny Benz. Comments or questions for Bob Kolb can be e-mail to

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