With Pacquiao Out Of Reach, What Is Next For Sugar Shane Mosley?
By Daniel Poland, Doghouse Boxing (June 25, 2009)  
It's common knowledge that WBA Welterweight "Sugar" Shane Mosley has been campaigning for a fight with pound for pound king Manny Pacquiao, but as been reported, it looks as though Miguel Cotto is the man who has been given that reward. Its a shame a fighter like Shane, who we can safely say has not got long left competing at the top level, can not get the biggest fight out there, a fight in which he thoroughly deserves after his dismantling of the most feared fighter in the sport Antonio Margarito back in January this year.

After losing to Miguel Cotto in November 07 in a closely contested contest at Madison Square Garden. Shane put on a lack luster performance against the wild and always unpredictable Ricardo Mayorga last September, a fight which many believed Shane should of had no problems in winning, but it looked as though he had become old overnight, looking slow and off the pace. Yes we all know how the end of the fight played out with Shane scoring a sensational last second knockout, but many where calling for his retirement.
However Shane is a true warrior and still wanted to compete with the best and who better then Welterweight champion Antonio Margarito, a fighter who pulverised Miguel Cotto into submission and seen as unbeatable. Many felt it was a career ending move by Shane (including myself) , but he proved there was still fight in the old dog and punished The Tijuana Tornado till eventually knocking him out in the ninth round. It was a performance that shocked the world, in one fight Mosley had revitalized his career, and could look ahead to bigger and better fights and many expected after Pacquiao's knockout over Ricky Hatton in May, that a Mosley-Pacquiao fight was imminent, but following Cotto's win over Joshua Clottey, Bob Arum has pressed for his two fighters to
meet in November, leaving Mosley out in the cold and without a super fight. The only question that looms now is, What is next for "Sugar" Shane Mosley? 
Apart from Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jnr, there isn’t really a big fight out there that will motivate him enough to put on a big performance, it is evident that Mosley needs the big name fighters to bring out the best in him, looking great against Cotto to looking old and slow against Mayorga to looking sensational against Margarito proves that. Now there are some great matchups out there where Mosley would have to be at his best to win and a name that has been mentioned is the recently beaten Joshua Clottey, losing a close split decision to Cotto he proved to be an elite fighter with a great defence and a toughness that is un matched in the Welterweight division, but what does Mosley get out of fighting a recently beaten, very dangerous opponent, where a win does not elevate him any further in his quest for a Pacquiao or Mayweather showdown. I rule Clottey a no go for Shane, as i still stand by opinion that Clottey is the best Welterweight in the world and could prove Shane's downfall.
A very attractive bout with WBC Welterweight champion Andre Berto is also a possibility. Berto is the young lion in 147 pound division and is being pushed very hard to step up the competition and Mosley could be that step up. It would be a great opportunity for both men to unify the titles and that in a way could be very appealing to Mosley. Berto's power and youth could be too much for Mosley to handle, but the experience certainly liys with The Sugar Man. This fight is definite maybe and the definitely the most rewarding, if Mosley could beat the undefeated future star of boxing, he would definitely put himself in contention next year for a lucrative pay day.
If Mosley is in search of another great challenge like what he faced when he fought Antonio Margarito, why not fight the man who is now regarded as the most avoided fighter in the sport, Paul 'The Punisher' Williams. This would be a massive risk, but a risk worth taking, both are finding it hard to land a big fight so why not fight eachother. Mosley would once again find himself as the underdog against the tall and rangy Williams, who never lets up on his punches. Mosley may very well find himself on the end of another defeat but he would be applauded for standing in there with the man, and if he could make it competitive, he may not find himself out the picture for a big fight.
Who know's what the future holds for Mosley, but i am excited, If the Mosley that turned up against Margarito turns up in his next fight, it is sure to be entertaining. God bless Shane.

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