Daniel ‘The Boxing Guru’ Poland: Prediction on Pacquiao vs Cotto, Top 10 Pound for Pound and More! - Mailbag
By Daniel Poland, Doghouse Boxing (Aug 7, 2009) Photo © German Villasenor  
Hello boxing fans and welcome to another addition to my new mailbag. This week’s discussions include, the controversy of Timothy Bradley vs Nate Campbell fight, early prediction on Pacquiao/Cotto and much more...

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Hi Daniel

What are your thoughts on the past weekends controversial fight between Timothy Bradley and Nate Campbell?. Two things disappointed me, 1) The fact the fight was ruled a third round knockout win for Bradley, when it was clearly a head butt that opened the cut above Campbell’s eye and 2) Campbell immediately deciding to get out of the fight, without showing a true champions heart and continuing the fight, I think he know he was being overwhelmed and wanted any excuse to get out of there. what are your thoughts?
Hey Benny
Thanks for the email, it was a shame the fight had to end so early and in such a controversial way. I was looking forward to twelve hard fought rounds by both men, and my prediction was a Bradley UD. He was getting the better of Campbell until the clash of heads in the third, and it was an obvious head butt. I’ll start with your point about Campbell quitting on his stool. I do feel your right on some degree. He must of realized he was not in control of the fight and knew in himself things weren’t going to change. So thinking he would be getting out with a no contest was his best option, but again nobody wants to fight with a cut above there eye especially when challenging for a world title. So maybe he believed a rematch would be forced and he'd get another shot.
Unlucky for him the fight was rewarded a knockout for Bradley. I am a big fan of Bradley but it was the wrong decision, and I don’t blame him for accepting the decision, it’s not his job to call the fight, it’s the ref's.
Will a rematch happen? I don’t know. Maybe Bradley will now look for bigger challengers. Nate will push for a rematch, especially if the decision is overturned to a non contest, but I doubt an immediate rematch will happen.

Hey Daniel, what is up my friend? I just wondered what your "early pick" would be for Pacquiao-Cotto?  Pete "The Heat" Parry
Hey Pete
Thanks for the email. I am happy to see you getting involved in my new mailbag addition. As for my early prediction, this is tough, I haven’t really sat down and thought much about this fight yet. It seems everyone has made up there mind already that Pacquiao is going to walk through Cotto with ease, but I'm not so confident. I want to see Pacquiao win to set up a fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr, but my early thoughts are Cotto is going to knock Pacquiao spark out. I know a lot of people are going to hate me for saying that, but at this moment in time Pete I am rolling with Cotto by big knockout.

Do Chris Arreola and Eddie Chambers have what it takes to de-throne the Klitschko brothers of the world titles?
Hi Whitaker817
Thank you for the email. Good question! With David Haye out of the running for the time being, it looks as though it will be up to Arreola and Chambers to challenge the dominating brothers.
In the case of Arreola who looks set to fight Vitali Klitschko, I see this being a walk in the park for Klitschko, especially if Arreola comes in overweight which he tends to do. Arreola although proving dominant and exciting has never faced anyone like Vitali. Vitali will rake Arreola's face with big shots en route to a late round knockout or once again Vitali will find his opponent refusing to get up off his stool.
To Chambers, who could challenge Wladimir Klitschko some time soon, has shown massive improvement since his lone loss to Povetkin. He's racked up five straight wins, which included wins over former heavyweight champion Samuel Peter and top Heavyweight contender Alexander Dimitrenko. He has the skill and speed to cause Big Wlad some problems, he doesn’t stay in one place like Klitshcko's recent opposition. So an upset is possible, but and yes there is a but, Klitshcko size and power I think would be too much for Chambers, and after a lot of chasing I see Wlad walking away with a late round ko or close points win.

What do you think the best option for Sugar Shane Mosley is at this time? a unification bout with Andre Berto or a fight with Joshua Clottey?
Mikey C
Hi Mikey C
Thank you for the e-mail. Shane Mosley will be extremely disappointed at not landing the Manny Pacquiao showdown, but there are plenty of other options out there and the two you mentioned lead the pack. Out of the two options, a Berto fight would be more lucrative, as victory would mean he has beaten an undefeated young warrior and won the WBC title in the process. As a fight with Clottey would be really risky, Clottey is coming off a close loss to Cotto, a fight in which a lot of people fought he won. He is strong, has a great defence and is just out and out a tough fighter... just ask Cotto!
Mosley should chase the Berto fight, it makes more sense, which is a shame because I am a massive Clottey fan and would love to see him have that fight with Mosley. But Mosley knows it’s too big of a risk to take.

Hey Daniel

I was wandering how your top ten pound for pound rankings looks like?
Hi GuyT
Great question, I would love to share my top ten pound for pound list with the doghouse readers.
1) Manny Pacquiao
2) Juan Manuel Marquez
3) Floyd Mayweather JR (Joint Number 1 after he beats Marquez)
4) Bernard Hopkins
5) Shane Mosley
6) Miguel Cotto
7) Paul Williams
8) Israel Vasquez
9) Chad Dawson
10) Juan Manuel Lopez
This list will always change, most likely every week, you could ask me again in next week's mailbag and the whole list would be different

Thank you for all your questions. Look forward to more mailbag next week.

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