The Final Chapter: Pacquiao-Mayweather
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The Final Chapter: Pacquiao-Mayweather
By Reni Valenzuela, Doghouse Boxing (Jan 17, 2015)

Judgement day
Manny Pacquiao - Floyd Mayweather Jr.
Judgment day is coming.

Despite Manny Pacquiao signing the deal that was agreed upon between his representatives and those of the other side’s, the Mega Bout can only be considered elusive as ever until the “reluctant” Floyd Mayweather Jr., affixes his own on the dotted line.

The making or un-making of the bout is in its last and final chapter.

Correct, there’s no other fight except the “Pacquiao-Mayweather,” but not if the fight is “resolved” in a fair and just manner within a couple of weeks in the event Floyd will not sign the contract that bows to his demands and favors his caprices. Thus, it is wise that the “unbeaten” boxer is given time not beyond January 31 to make up his mind.

But, oh, why is Bob Arum putting undue pressure on Mayweather as if Mayweather has only hours to act? Yes, “Manny can’t wait forever,” but he certainly can wait till the end of this month. Pacquiao’s “astute” promoter is sounding like he wants Floyd to be blamed by the people much more than wanting to make the fight. His provocations are oddly strange and strangely odd. He must have other intentions hiding in his sleeves. “Mayweather is running like a thief. When push comes to shove, he backs down,” Arum said on Friday.

Sign the contract Floyd, and beat Bob Arum.

However, if the Mega Bout still would fail to materialize in spite of Pacquiao’s “sacrifices” in the negotiations, Mayweather would rather brace himself to bear the reproach all by himself and earn the ire of a tired and disappointed world.

Consequently, the “king” of boxing shall be dethroned even by jerks and his minions, delisted from the ranks of pound-for-pound fighters, and ultimately ostracized by the sport, media, the fans and people.

Take care of what’s good for others today and legacy/history will take good care of the rest for you tomorrow.

Why some pundits keep echoing that the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao wouldn’t be as huge as it would have been four or five years ago when, in fact, there’s no period in the past whereupon anything big about it can equal the hugeness of the Fight at this season, if it happens?

Who says that the Super Fight is less attractive now because Pacquiao and Mayweather are at the tail end of their career must be a hopeless romantic. Yes indeed Pacquiao and Mayweather are aging boxers, but they’ve proven to be aging like wine that gets better by the passage of days, months and years.

Truth is, the Mega Bout has been exuding great colors and interests among sports aficionados, casual and non-fans as the suspense continues to level up. Men and women of diverse tongues and nations are being made aware of the dream event as a result of the suspended “ecstasy,” so much so that the bout’s announcement itself may suffice to serve as its promotion till fight night on May 2, and thereby allow the producers to save millions of dollars in promotional activities and tour blitz.

No need to hype the fight because the news about it alone would do the job, fanning the flame of the people’s excitement to its hottest temperature. Michael Koncz aptly perused, “I don’t think we have to spend as much effort and time selling this fight as we do other fights. This is the fight that people have been waiting for five, six, seven years and the media is going to come to us. We don’t need to come to the media.”

The Pacquiao-Mayweather is boxing’s Amageddon.

It is intriguing that the bout is fiercely competitive as never before on account of Mayweather’s struggles fighting powerhouse southpaw Marcos Maidana and durable KO man Miguel Cotto. For his part, Pacquiao has shown himself to be a much smarter boxer than how “experts” figure him out. Pacman exhibited well his wares, at 36, when he overwhelmed younger “spar mates” Chris Algieri and Brandon Rios in his most recent shows, using speed and “technical know-how” of the Sweet Science.

Hence the odds for Pac vs. Floyd would expectedly evolve to be tight and narrow by the exact time these boxing superstars would climb the ring to face each other, up-close and personal. My belief is that Floyd will sign the contract before the set deadline. The Mega Bout is a lesson in courage, perseverance and true winning, with Floyd and Pacman as perfect illustrations.

Faith is when you hit the “finish line” while others have given up along the way.

Be confident, or be damned.

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