Protest over Pacquiao vs. Bradley & Mayweather vs. Maidana
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Protest over Pacquiao vs. Bradley & Mayweather vs. Maidana
By Reni Valenzuela, Doghouse Boxing (April 11, 2014)

Pacquiao - Mayweather
The bottom line is the Pay-Per-View numbers of the “fights.” And the question is: Will Manny Pacquiao and Money Mayweather finally be convinced or compelled to fight each other next as a result of the “Pacquiao-Bradley” and “Mayweather-Maidana”?

Don’t succumb to the hype, neither be swayed by blitz nor hypnotics. Roach even went as far as blaming the Bible and mocking God a few days ago, while Arum ripped MGM, Mayweather and Showtime in the Final Press Con of the “Pacquiao-Bradley.” Such pronouncements along with the bold predictions coming from opposite camps and the producers are nothing more than bold desperation to sell the show.

The Pacquiao vs. Bradley is likely to unfold another unexciting, belly-aching bout. It would be no different from what was branded as the boring, dull and disappointing “Donaire vs. Rigondeaux” matchup if Pacquiao would fail to strategize pursuing Bradley to hit a knockout. Bradley is intelligent not to trade punches with Pacquiao. His master plan is to “cover” by engaging in a marathon race with Pacman and the referee all night as he executes an occasional “strike then back off” tactic of Rigondeaux to win via decisive boredom. And he’s able to do it.

So the “Vindication” bout tomorrow is no game of vengeance for Pac and Tim as promoted. It is simply a game of “thrill” for jolly kids who wallow in the mud.

Nothing is impossible with Floyd, Bob and the rest of the royal thugs in boxing if money is at risk for them. Therefore, why not speak in their language if money is the only language they know? I’m talking to you, the people. And

I refer to those who try to win your interest for the upcoming Manny and Money flicks which are meant just to lure your money via the Pay-Per-View buys and MGM tickets. This is the soul and spirit of the issue.

Boxing gods don’t have celestial bodies, yet they command like divine beings. They flourish maneuvering the sport as they have evolved into solid teams of apostates who feel entitled to rule like kings when there’s no royal blood gushing forth in their veins. Obviously, these “heavenly” trippers shudder at reason and democracy.

Plunderers live in the night. They are deeply divided but readily become one in mischievousness. They wage battles in a “cold war” with each other, but they love to connive in the name of “power” and “money.”

Despots and plunder are synonyms that are closely knitted like live-in partners. Despots are power-hungry and are easily threatened. While plunderers are plain greedy, have competing factions and are doggedly irrational. Though, each of them has reasons to worry, reasons to dread the dawning of a day, and reasons to reject healing due to the hidden “manna” In his treasure chest.

But who has ever stopped the Light from rising in the morning? And who can prevent justice and truth from marching on?

It is fitting that someday soon these few “apostates” would reap the harvest of the seeds they are sowing on the countless, hapless innocents. Whatever their “good” objective, it is never good to treat anyone like slaves who have no right to choose, or toys that have no ability to be heard and react. Oh, how they love to fiddle with Mozart’s piano and Da Vinci’s pallet.

Can anything good be said of the “good” that the devil does?

Who do they think they are when they have their masks on? Have they grown to be a bunch of gangsters in a fraternity that can freely go wrong to bully those outside their exclusive Sanhedrin, and get away with it? Has it not occurred to them that earth is zero miles apart from earth in the galaxy? Can they not broaden their perspective away from being lost inside the elite synagogue?

The Apostate Teams want to prove “something” to assert “something” by disgracing people. Hence, they are found to be more interested in securing their “privileged” positions and “omnipotence” for exploitation rather than serving their purpose and caring for the flock. It’s been the way they are. Instead of being concerned about the welfare of the fans and sport while personally benefiting in the process, they are obsessed in protecting their respective “turf” so they can always look forward to amassing more loot by suppressing genuine growth and revival. It is no secret. Only animals are self-driven. The “beasts” are their worst kind.

What’s so special about these cultic “apostates” that can justifiably set Peter above Paul to maltreat John, or John above Peter to maltreat Paul? Why truly waste the Alabaster box? Why punish the martyr Polycarp? And why don’t the “apostates” apply to themselves what they do to the helpless? Or, shall the helpless bond together to do the same to the “apostates”? Can a microscope spot a difference?

Look at the “achievements” of these false prophets as they are seated in the gallery of their self-made thrones? It’s all about them, actually. Only their names are absent in banners unlike others in their mold or fold, but they’re one and the same. They are masters at swearing the exact opposite of what they mean, and vice versa, to fulfill selfish ends. Cheers, such is the usual case with the drunken “cabs” and “bones” who are known as experts at using cloaks to cover true intentions for their own gratification. Yes, I’m talking to you, the people. And I refer to those who try to win your interest for the upcoming Manny and Money shows which are meant just to lure your hard-earned bread via the Pay-Per-View buys and MGM tix.

Do yourself a favor by doing what’s right and righteous to those who use and abuse you. But how can The Word be real in its pleading to “love others as you love yourself” when you can’t even love yourself?

Critics who love themselves are first critics of themselves the reason why they are capable of treating people well enough to be straightforward with what they say and see in them, without fear or favor. I’m still a fan of Pacman, but I refuse to be blinded by fanaticism. I may be among Floyd’s legion of critics, but well-meaning criticisms would serve him best if he treats them as friends. Sometimes the “nicest” ally could be your vilest adversary. While the person you may call a hater could be the one loving you the most.

Go ahead watch the fights on April 12 and May 3 if you want, but SPEND NOT a dime to pay for them. That’s the long and short of it. Until Pac and Floyd face each other, all news and scoops about them in the future, as boxers, would be crap and scrap, worthless. Arum’s Top Rank and Dela Hoya’s Golden Boy Promotions must rush to embrace each other again to tie the knot. Or, they would be headed, not to a honeymoon, but to irrelevance. The proper authorities are about to move a la 911 for the rescue of the sport. It’s just a matter of season and circumstances and everything would be well and truly happy for all, and the Sweet Science.

Boxing is approaching the dawn of a great new day as the sport is about to rise strong and bullish from its sickbed. Though, the day dawns on no one but the awake.

Would you ignore common sense if it tells you to refrain from certain foods or habits for a period of time in order to be healed? No.

(P.S. A soulful Lent to everyone! Profoundly moving and inspirational without being too dramatic, this is the movie I can highly recommend. It started with Genesis and some Old Testament highlights. And it ended in the Isle of Patmos with Jesus Christ and John the Beloved who was about to see the future as recorded in the Book of Revelation. The “Son of God” is the best Jesus film I’ve seen thus far.)

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