Tim Bradley: Can Underdog Upset Manny Pacquiao?
By Ring Talk (Jun 6, 2012)
San Francisco, CA - Tim Bradley is not the second coming of “Sugar Ray” Leonard. Nor is he some popped up cardboard cutout that will stand in front of Pacquiao so that Manny can wail on ‘em. After watching his highlights of his beating Devon Alexander at 140, I also think the eight pounds Bradley has put on and fighting at 147 will be to the challenger’s advantage.


Look, in every fight he has been in of note, Bradley fights 100 %, and he’ll try and throw everything he has in a fight where he might throw 70 punches in the opener. Some guys don’t.

They don’t find real hard from the start, Manny banks a couple of and before you know it the opponent is two rounds down, this before Manny starts hurting his opponents, mainly with punches to the head. ( © Ring Talk)
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