Jimmy Ford Doing His Part To "Save Boxing"
By Pedro Fernandez, Ring Talk (July 25, 2012) Doghouse Boxing

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San Francisco, CA. - The “business of boxing” is already hurting extensively. Some blame it on Manny Pacquiao’s erosion of skills, Floyd Mayweather alienating fans, Saul Alvarez’s refusal to fight somebody on a competitive level, you can say all of the above is of partial blame. But the real reason the business is hurting, especially at the club level, is that there is a lack of investment in the product. Meaning, there are no boxers being nurtured in the amateurs.

The Golden Glove tournaments that once had so many participants that we used to fight twice in the same day, is now giving away titles to fighters who never laced up a glove or fought anyone in the tournament.


Couple that with the fact that there are so few men or women that really know how to teach a budding boxer, what you have is a dying sport, which means a dying business. Boxing is no different from the US economy. The people at the top of the food chain will always prosper, while those at the bottom will at the same time suffer greatly... CONTINUE READING NOW AT RING TALK -CLICK: Jimmy Ford Doing His Part To "Save Boxing" Ring Talk

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