See The Top Rank "Yory Boy" Campas Boxing Paycheck Stub
See The Top Rank "Yory Boy" Campas Boxing Paycheck Stub
By Pedro Fernandez, Ring Talk, special to Doghouse Boxing (Aug 14, 2012) Doghouse Boxing

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This article written and provided to Doghouse Boxing by Ring By Pedro Fernandez, Ring Talk.

San Francisco, CA- How many times do you come to this site and say, “Don’t you have anything positive to say?” The reason that I don’t write “Cinderella” type of stories as there are a plethora of websites out there that “shill” for promoters and networks in order to obtain a press pass and eat cold cuts at a fight for free.


As a former fighter myself, a man that has always believed in siding with the abused and downtrodden, I feel that you need to know the basics as in, “who won, who lost, etc.,” but you should also know about the human refuse that take advantage of boxers, who are for the most part, undereducated and ill informed.


That being said, in the case of “Yory Boy” Campas I don’t have the space or time to document how mainly Top Rank boxing, and to a lesser degree Oscar De La Hoya, mucked him over. If the figures that I produced Monday morning about Bob Arum and Top Rank boxing were not true, I’d be the immediate target of Arum’s vast array of attorneys, one of whom I kicked the snot out of representing myself in a Las Vegas courtroom..... CONTINUE READING - READ THE FULL ARTICLE AT RING TALK NOW: See The Top Rank "Yory Boy" Campas Paycheck Stub Ring Talk

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