Oscar De La Hoya & So-Called Boxing Media Share Blame
Oscar De La Hoya & So-Called Boxing Media Share Blame
By Pedro Fernandez, Ring Talk, special to Doghouse Boxing (Aug 14, 2012) Doghouse Boxing

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This article written by Ring Talk.com. By Pedro Fernandez, Ring Talk.


Because Oscar De La Hoya should have stepped up when asked to! I explained to him how Campas was screwed over. He quickly responded, “I thought Yory got $1 million.” Instead of going after Top Rank for what’s right, Oscar went mute and not one other writer ever questioned him on the issue.

Seeing a good number of writers read this space, are the bologna sandwitches and fight passes worth it considering you sold your soul in the process? Not one of you, not a single writer, reporter, blogger, none of you even wrote about the conviction and jailing of Top Rank promoter Peter McKinn after he admitted his screwing Campas in regards to another fight in Arizona. .... CONTINUE READING - READ THE FULL ARTICLE AT RING TALK NOW: See The Top Rank "Yory Boy" Campas Paycheck Stub Ring Talk

Above text © By Pedro Fernandez, Ring Talk

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