Emanuel Steward has advanced Colon Cancer - Report
Emanuel Steward has advanced Colon Cancer - Report
By Pedro Fernandez, Ring Talk, special to Doghouse Boxing (Oct 15, 2012) Doghouse Boxing

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This article written by Ring Talk.com. By Pedro Fernandez, Ring Talk.

San Francisco, CA. - Even before Tommy Hearns’ son Ronald Hearns got knocked out on Friday night, word was slowly seeping around the Michigan arena that Hall of Fame trainer Emanuel Steward, the US National AAU boxing champion circa 1964, and of course the founder of the Kronk Gym in Detroit, MI, has advanced Colon Cancer .

As I sit here and pound out my 30 worlds a minute on my Apple Mac, tears are rolling down my face.


Although we have a special bond, Emanuel is close with a lot of people. There is nothing better than talking with him on life, politics, business, boxing, broads, people in boxing, when Emanuel and I get together it’s like two women gossiping. Not afraid to admit it! There are even secret things that I can never broach that Steward and I have discussed in our 30 year friendship. When I stayed in Detroit, he wanted me at his house and not in a hotel...

There is more to this article. Read the rest now at Ring Talk, Click here: Report: Emanuel Steward Has Colon Cancer! Ring Talk

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