Manny Pacquiao and His Retirement Party
Manny Pacquiao and His Retirement Party
By Pedro Fernandez, Ring Talk, special to Doghouse Boxing (Dec 4, 2012) Doghouse Boxing

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This article written and provided to Doghouse Boxing by Ring By Pedro Fernandez, Ring Talk.

San Francisco, CA- If Manny Pacquiao were a race car and not a professional boxer, you could say his beating Shane Mosley was similar to an Indianapolis 500 car beating Kevin Perry’s 1967 Volkswagen bug. In his next race, his third tango with Juan Manuel Marquez, Pacquiao got the benefit of a photo finish in a race he should have lost. Last time out, whether you agree with the Tim Bradley decision or not, but Pacquiao looked like an out of gas car from round nine on.


If you were running Manny Pacquiao as a race car, seeing the writing on the wall, you’d realize that Pacquiao has been “tweaked” about as much as any fighter who started at 107 and is now at 147 lbs. At 33, Manny is what he is and if his last two fights are a real barometer of what Pacquiao has left, the gas tank is running dangerously low.... CONTINUE READING - READ THE FULL ARTICLE AT RING TALK NOW: Manny Pacquiao & His Retirement Party Ring Talk

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