Boxing History Says Manny Pacquiao Is Finished!
Boxing History Says Manny Pacquiao Is Finished!
By Pedro Fernandez, Ring Talk, special to Doghouse Boxing (Dec 11, 2012) Doghouse Boxing

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This article written and provided to Doghouse Boxing by Ring By Pedro Fernandez, Ring Talk.

San Francisco, CA - Having been at this a lot longer than I would like to admit, I thought long and hard about this before turning on the old Mac. In the history of boxing, has a fighter of what is thought to be the elite level, ever returned to the place he had on the pugilistic mantle after being knocked out in the manner Manny Pacquiao was on Saturday night by Juan Manuel Marquez?

I polled two historians, Lindy Lindell of Detroit, MI and Ronald Marshall of San Leandro, CA, both thought long and hard and could not name such a fighter.


Gene Fulmer was able to win a portion of the World middleweight (160 lbs.) title after being knocked out with a picture perfect left hook by “Sugar Ray” Robinson. But watching Fulmer over the years at events, he was a little “off.” Now he is more than a little off as Gene is paying dearly as.... CONTINUE READING - READ THE FULL ARTICLE AT RING TALK NOW: History Says Manny Pacquiao Is Finished! Ring Talk

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