Manny Pacquiao's Mom and Dad Reunited?
By Robbie Pangilinan, Las Vegas, Nevada (Nov 11, 2009) DoghouseBoxing  
Dionisia and Rosalio, Manny’s parents, separated when Manny was just in sixth grade. The former couple were married for almost 20 years when Rosalio started to work in another town. After a while, Dionisia discovered that her husband was living with another woman. Despite the betrayal, Dionisia kept the pain to herself and taught her children to continue respecting their father. The children, especially Manny, grew up wishing that their father would return. Nanay Dionisia and the children never stopped loving Tatay Rosalio.

Manny also clarified earlier news that his pet dog was killed and eaten by his father. The dog died in the hands of Tatay Rosalio’s friend, and although it was true that Pacquiao’s father ate the dog, it was not done deliberately, but rather a misfortune.

Years after, and a superstar son between them, Rosalio and Dionisia were back in each other’s arms. But only for a while and only for Manny.

Dionisia and Rosalio will fly together to the US on November 11 to watch the pound-for-pound king’s fight with Miguel Cotto, the toughest contender Manny Pacquiao might face in his boxing career. This is Pac-dad’s first time to watch Pac-man fight live in the world arena. It is Nanay Dionisia’s second time. The equally famous Pac-mom never watched Manny fight. She would lock herself up in a room, get on her knees in fervent prayer, until word about the fight’s outcome is whispered to her. The first time she watched was when his super boxer son faced Ricky Hatton in May of this year. Manny busted the Englishman’s boxing career, grabbing his junior-welterweight title by a knockout only on the second round.

On November 14 (November 15 in the Philippines), as Manny tries to steal Cotto’s World Boxing Organization’s welterweight crown, Tatay Rosalio will be there, most likely beside Nanay Dionisia. The former couple might even hold hands in prayer that their son become the first in history to win a seventh world championship in various divisions.

The Filipino boxing icon could not wait in excitement. He proudly announced his father’s coming as reporters watched him train in the Wild Card gym.

This is not first time that Manny will see his father after his parents separated. Nanay Dionisia has likewise seen him again
during Manny’s preparations before his fight with Mexican Erik “El Terible” Morales, also in Las Vegas.

The boxing hero’s parents met by chance at the dxBB RGMA Super Radyo station after more than 15 long years. Nanay Dionisia asked her former husband to continue loving and praying for their children. Manny, however, was not around to witness the scene, the fulfilment of his long-held wish. That evening, at Manny’s home, the former couple once again hugged each other on national television over GMA’s news program 24 Oras.

Right after his victory against the Mexican icon, Manny was reunited with his estranged father after 15 years. They met at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. Nanay Dionisia and Manny’s two sons were also there to see the father and son reunion.

Manny was reported to have been very happy to see his parents together. He said, “Talagang masayang-masaya ako ngayon kasi first time ko silang nakita at sabik na sabik talaga akong makita ko sila.”

Before Manny’s bout with Morales, he called his father. That was the night when Tatay Rosalio and Nanay Dionisia were together in Manny’s residence for the GMA news coverage. Tatay Rosalio told Manny on the phone that they (he and Dionisia) have already reconciled and that they may have long separated but there is no love lost. Nanay Dionisia has always been open to reunite with her separated husband but was reported to have said that if he (Rosalio) wants to come back, he will have to leave his new wife and children behind. Manny’s father already has a new family. Nanay Dionisia, who is now also a celebrity, said she’s resigned to the fact that she has no luck in love.

And even as the national icon of unity has been the only one who can bring together all Filipinos, rich and poor, young and old, male and female, administration and opposition, Christian and Muslim, there is a very little chance that the Pac-parents can be a couple again. For now, they are just happy to support their son as he faces his strongest opponent ever. RMP.

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