Q & A with Buck Smith: Boxer, Record Holder, Promoter
By David R. Ruff (Dec 10, 2009) DoghouseBoxing  
Oklahoma City boxer Buck Smith has just about done it all.  He's traveled from coast to coast, border to border, with his manager Sean Gibbons in a Honda Civic.  In this writer's eyes, Buck should be able to get a book or movie deal about his career.  Buck holds the world record (Guinness Book of World Records, 1996 edition) for the most consecutive wins at 106.  He also holds the record for having two fights in two different states, winning them both on the same day. 
Buck has fought a virtual who's who in boxing.  And he's fought some great ones.  He's been written up in British Boxing News, USA Today, and Ring magazine.  In this writer's eyes, Buck is a credit to boxing.  In 1997 Buck opened a boxing gym in Oklahoma City to help with the promotion and management of boxing. 
Here are a number of questions this writer posed to Buck; he got some pretty good answers.
State of Boxing
Its being pimped on another level, some matchmakers and managers (M&M) has stepped up their game to keep exploiting fighters for their own personal wealth. Fighters don’t realize that the M&M are doing more hindering then helping. This type of exploration not only hurts the sport of boxing but effect’s the fighters and promoters as well.
Best Fighters Faced  
Buddy McGirt (boxing lesson), Kevin Pompey (determination, heart and will), Mark Breland (timing, technique and power) equals knockout, Harold Brazier ( patience) making a punch count. Julio Cesar Chavez, Robert Wangila , Kirkland Laing, Antonio Margarito, and Gary Murray.
Yes, Sean and I would drive a Honda Civic from Oklahoma City to many of our destinations- coast to coast that included our bordering countries Mexico and Canada. The reason why was all the great stories we could share.
Change Boxing
First, I would require all State Commission’s to have ex-pro fighters that have learned the business of boxing and have the ability to feel and know a fighters time in the ring.
Second, I would change how the ring doctors under utilize time by checking vital signs first, when the blood stem could be swelling and cutting off oxygen to the brain while the fighter is unconscious. The doctors are good at what they do outside of boxing but in the ring they should give the referee and the chief second the authority to place cold ice packs around the boxers neck and head to keep the swelling down to prevent further damage. An experience chief seconds knows when his fighter is out. It is at this time when the doctor can step In and utilize his time in checking vital signs and then secure the boxer for transport if necessary.
Third, require that all managers and matchmakers (M&M) look out for their fighter(s) best interest by investing in medicals and accidental death insurance (M/AD Ins.) for their fighter(s) to participate in a match. Once this is done it will start to weed out the wannabe M&M that has to provide this coverage to the States Commission prior to events. Most M&M receive anywhere from 20% to 40% of a fighters purse while doing little are nothing but hanging around the phone.
Fourth, a National Commission consisting of a Boxing Administrator from every State representing their State and views on trying to standardize the regulations of events.
Fifth, ban all fighters, matchmakers and managers who continue to be a detriment to the sport of boxing.
Sixth, ban fly by night promoters that blow through the Midwest like a F5 tornado that has no experience in promoting.
Change has been long overdue in boxing especially with some matchmakers and managers, this is not a sole attack on either because I have in the past has exploited fighters before becoming a promoter. And no this isn’t confession time its righteous time.
Insight / Highlights Boxing  
I am proud and pleased with my boxing career as a fighter and to Sean Gibbons who has contributed to my career from the start. My highlights in boxing was having 12 fights in one month, 1996 Guiness Book of World Records for the most consecutive wins without a loss (106 wins), the only fighter to fight twice in one night in two different states, 118 ko’s and a twelve year run, to be the only fighter in today’s boxing world (alive) with over 200 fights with a astonishing winning record 195 wins 17losses and 118ko’s, being on the same card with Leonard / Hearns The War.
Boxing Magazines
I know for sure The Ring Magazine and Boxing News those where the only Two I enjoyed reading.

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