Embarrassing Boxing Show In Argentina
By Antonio Santiago, Doghouse Boxing (Feb 14, 2012) Doghouse Boxing
Johnriel Casimero
Boxing again suffered a black eye as this past Friday's fight between Luis Alberto Lazarte and Johnriel Casimero, contested for the IBF’s interim Light Flyweight title, ended up like the old spectacle given us by fans of Andrew Golota and Riddick Bowe and of Alan Minter. The fight got little media coverage outside Argentina and the Philippines, and only a media show in Mexico showed the subsequent riot formed by Lazarte’s fans.

Lazarte, at 40 the George Foreman of the Light Flyweights, was receiving a chance at re-winning part of a title he had held as a whole between 2010 and 2011. But he is a bit shopworn, and has added two losses in his last three bouts to a 49-11-2, 18 knockouts record. Johnriel Casimero, 16-2, 10 knockouts, meanwhile, once held the WBO interim title, and was looking to add the interim IBF one to that. If you can keep counting after all the latter sentence, that adds to Casimero now having had at least half of the “interim” championships, like a person who is holding to about 1/4th of 1/4th of something.

Little information is available about what exactly happened in Mar del Plata Friday night, but from what Doghouseboxing.com has learned, the Pinoy dynamo was imposing himself with his youth and power slowly taking over, when he dropped Lazarte twice in round nine. Lazarte bravely got up and continued fighting, trying to make his fans happy. Ironically, that move seemed to have the opposite effect on fans, many of whom were seemingly drunk already. At one point during the fight, Lazarte supposedly bit Casimero.

Casimero was raining blows to Lazarte’s head in round ten when referee Eddie Claudio stopped the bout, giving Casimero his tenth knockout win. Casimero started to celebrate, but his celebration was as well received as Marvelous Marvin Hagler’s was against Minter in London on September 27, 1980. Even worse yet, Casimero was hit on the back of his head with a chair. Lazarte is backed in large by a group of fans nicknamed “Los Camioneros”, an Argentine truck drivers union that has historically suffered from political marginalization.

An undisclosed amount of people were injured, including Casimero himself.

To Lazarte’s credit, him and his promoter both apologized to Casimero and to boxing fans around the world immediately after the barbaric and cowardly act.

A disgraceful moment for our beloved sport and one that neither of the boxers deserved to be a part of.

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