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By Antonio Santiago, Doghouse Boxing (June 25, 2009)  
It’s a new day, both for me and for this column. For one year now, many have been following it from another website, and now, I have the pleasure of writing “Reliable Source” for, a place where writers are treated with dignity and not like chained dogs, like one editor at the other place did. I want to thank those of you who read my column at the other side and will keep reading it at this site. To the new readers I will get at, I hope you enjoy this column as much as I enjoy writing it for you!

Changes bring upon freshness and new attitude. And hope. Which is not, hope, something I can say that Iranian people in the Asian country have nowadays. Many claim that their President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, fixed Iran’s 2009 Presidential elections. Many riots, protests and other demonstrations have been held across that country. Here is praying that the situation there gets fixed very soon!

I guess that there are things that boxing and politics do have in common!!

With that said, on to this week’s news.


Miley Cyrus’ life is really a circus. The teen star has been linked to Nick Jonas, and every photo she sent Nick has been posted and reposted on the Internet. She’s also been linked to Justin Gaston. They have been dating for slightly less than a year.

Well, that may be over now. According to US Weekly magazine, Cyrus and Gaston broke up. The magazine has a source that claims that Cyrus and Gaston have been having trouble for a while now. At the same time, the magazine claims that Nick Jonas has not been part of the problem, even as it seems Miley and Nick have been seen together lately.

Hmmmnn….well, first of all, at Miley’s age, if I had a relationship last one month, I was lucky, let alone almost a year! That must have seemed like an eternity to the “Hannah Montana” star! And secondly, it seems that Miley and Nick may be having their “rematch”. Clearly, I would say, in this one, Nick’s winning by a landslide!!

On the other hand, Jon and Kate Gosselin, of Jon & Kate plus 8, have announced on their reality show that they will split, this amid constant rumors of cheating and other things. The show’s television network, TLC, announced on the side that they will be putting the show on hiatus, at least until August, according to US Weekly Magazine.

One thing I have to say: now, with Octomom and the Gosselins, I’m getting sick of people who use their children to earn money and fame. Used to be that you had to have some talent, like being a good singer, writer or boxer, to become famous!! Now, all you have to do is get 8 children and walla, you’re on!!



Jennifer Aniston and Bradley Cooper were seen recently dining in New York City by the paparazzi coming out of a restaurant, Ristorante II Cantori, according to US Weekly Magazine. The pair have denied rumors of dating, however.

For those of you who, like me, are fairly unfamiliar with Cooper, he is the co-star, alongside Aniston, of “He’s Just Not That Into You”, and of “The Hangover”. He told US Weekly back in May, about the possibility of a romance with the sexy 40 year old babe, “Unfortunately, it’s not true. I met her three times in my life“.

Jen seems to have a thing for men named Brad, as, as many of you may remember, she is the former wife of actor Brad Pitt. Maybe it’s time I retook my acting career and changed my name to Brad, don’t you think so??

As far as Cooper, Bradley, you’ve met her, according to you, three times in your life. Well, consider yourself three times luckier than the rest of us guys!!!

From The “We Already Knew” Department

I respect all kinds of people and their right to live as they wish. However, when someone who is obviously something comes and says it in public, you have to think “dude, we already knew it!!”

And so Adam Lambert of American Idol fame confessing that he is gay is not like Muhammad Ali declaring himself a Muslim, which many people at the time did not know Ali was. But Adam Lambert? Come on!! The dude’s only a couple of albums away from singing a cover of Cyndi Lauper’s hit “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!”! (one of my favorite songs, by the way!) Lambert came out, literally speaking, on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine declaring himself homosexual.

I do wish Lambert all the best because, he is an excellent singer and I think he will become a legend alongside soon-to-be-on-all-internet-fantasy websites Allison Irahueta. But when magazines have news like this one make it to their cover, it’s like if someone just came to a newspaper and said that some boxing fights are fixed. Is that really supposed to surprise us? Moreover, would the “news” that some of the fights in our beloved sport have been fixed even make it to the newspaper’s sport section’s last page? I think not!!

Wanna Bite?

Vampire series….HBO recently started their second season of the highly entertaining “True Blood”, with the hot as hell Anna Paquin and Rutina Wesley making a combo that looks much better than a one-two.

Now, we have a new vampire series. CBS has a new vampire show named “The Vampire Diaries”, about a teen girl who is torn between two vampire brothers. The series comes in the heels of the success experienced by “Twilight”, the neo-classic film that also deals with teenage vampires.

With The Lost Boys 2 also having been released just last year (and a third part to be produced by Corey Feldman), these days it’s becoming cool to be a vampire. Too bad for Mike Tyson his rematch with Evander Holyfield was way back in 1997, when vampires were not as en vogue as they are now!

Talking of “Twilight”, the editors of US Weekly Magazine just came up with a book about it, titled “The Sexy Stars of Twilight”. Should be interesting…

Pratt Discusses Her Problems

Bulimia is nothing to be joked about. Caused usually by fears of losing one’s shape, it can be as deadly and dangerous as heart disease and Cancer, for example. Fortunately, we still have people like Stephanie Pratt around, folks who speak out about their past problem with this disease and who can become examples for others so they don’t become bulimic.

The star of “The Hills” recently commented that she had Bulimia while filming the show. One time in Hawaii, she told US Weekly Magazine, she asked co-star Audrina Patridge whether she looked better “shirt on or off”, and Patridge answered “on”. Pratt felt pressured by being on the show, although she clarifies that she was never told by producers to be skinny.

Recovered from this terrible disease, Pratt was seen recently wearing a bikini and looking mighty fine, if you ask me. She said she was proud of herself. Well, I’m both proud, as a fan, of her, and happy I get to see her in that bikini now! This is one knockout who recovered!!!

New Additions

HBO’s super hit series Sex and The City’s star Sarah Jessica Parker and her husband, Matthew Broderick, (that dude from “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”) have welcomed twins to their family, Barbara Walters announced on her show, “The View”.

Parker and Broderick welcomed two baby girls to their family on June 23rd, after a surrogate mother gave birth. The two are very happy with the babies, which compliment the couple’s 6 year old son James Wilkie, who now has two brand new playmates.

Meanwhile, Tom Brady of the New England Patriots went in for a deep throw and got the best touchdown he could ever score, when his girlfriend, the world famous model, Brazilian Gisele Bundchen, became pregnant with what will be Brady’s and Bundchen’s first baby, People Magazine announced on June 19th.

Here is wishing the best to both the Broderick-Parker and the Brady-Bundchen families and their offspring!! George Foreman could not have put a better combination than the ones put by these stars!

Seen and On The Scene

Marco Antonio Barrera is the new star of some of Tecate beer’s Spanish commercials. Barrera is seen on the commercial, supposedly winning a title. The beer’s previous Spanish commercial had Juan Manuel Marquez in them, which makes me wonder what happened between Marquez and the Tecate brand’s company.

The new commercials with Barrera on them have been shown on Univision and other Spanish language television networks for about a month and a half now.

It was old time memory night at Buenos Aires, Argentina, on Saturday, June 20th, as former WBA Junior Bantamweight world Champion Gustavo Ballas and former three time world Middleweight title challenger Juan “The Hammer” Roldan were present at the night’s undercard, which pit WBA Light Heavyweight world Champion Hugo Garay of Argentina against Spain’s Gabriel Campillo in a spectacular fight that saw Campillo get crowned by a twelve round majority decision.

Boxing Anniversaries

June has historically been a fantastic month for boxing. And so, on June 20th, the first fight between Roberto Duran and Sugar Ray Leonard, the “Brawl in Montreal”, held at Quebec, Canada’s capital city, turned 29 years old. Incredible how one of the 1980’s biggest boxing classics is now so…old!! The fight started a decade of classic match-ups which ended precisely with Leonard and Duran having their third bout in Las Vegas on December 7, 1989. A fourth fight, which would have taken place in Sydney, Australia, was spoken about during the mid-1990’s, but thank God it did not happen. If Xanax can’t put you to sleep, watch a tape of Leonard-Duran 3. Leonard-Duran 4 would have been overkill!!

June 23rd is also, coincidentally, the anniversary of another Duran fight. That night, in 1986, he lost by unanimous ten round decision to Marvelous Marvin Hagler’s brother Robbie Sims. That fight, of course, was part of the undercard where Thomas Hearns defended his WBC world Junior Middleweight Championship against former IBF world Champion Mark Medal, Hearns winning by eighth round knockout, and, one fight that everyone who saw it remembers it, Barry McGuigan losing his WBA Featherweight title in an upset against Texas’ Steve Cruz, in a classic war in which “The Clones Cyclone” was ahead after nine rounds, but, battling both Cruz and the ill effects of being severely dehydrated, he went down in round ten, and three more times in the fifteenth, almost collapsing himself out of the fight. Despite a super courageous effort, McGuigan lost his title by decision and was later hospitalized.

Last but not least, June 23rd also marks the 8th anniversary of Javier Castillejo’s equally courageous, and equally unsuccessful, defense of his WBC Junior Middleweight world title against Oscar De La Hoya in Las Vegas, Nevada. Castillejo was dropped with seconds to go in the bout but he survived the fall and lost by a wide unanimous decision to “The Golden Boy”.


Ed McMahon, 86. Mr. McMahon was a famous actor and Hollywood sidekick. He starred alongside Johnny Carson, both on “Who Do You Trust” and on “The Tonight Show”. McMahon’s catchphrase in the latter show, “Heeeeeeeeere’s Johnny!” became a worldwide famous phrase. McMahon was also the host of “Star Search”. He also appeared in several films such as “The Incident”, “Fun With Dick and Jane”, “Full Moon High”, and 2005’s “Bewitched”.

Little known to many, Mr. McMahon also served his country as a member of the United States Marines, being a pilot during World War II. According to, he died of several health complications at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, in Los Angeles, California, June 23rd.
ording to reports playing out in the media, on Friday Amir Khan, 22, was questioned by Police in regards to a waitress’ complaint that he had indecently assaulted her.

A 20 yr old woman has accused Khan as well as four others of molesting her at a party that occurred back in April of this year.

According to reports, the young waitress met Khan and his friends at night spot called London's Funky Buddha club.

Further according to reports, the woman has alleged that the men smashed up her residence and stole items and left a bag of white powder behind when the left.

On Friday Khan voluntarily went to police station to answer questions related to that matter. Khan was not arrested, but reports indicate that the other four men were. Khan has denied anything untoward happened.

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