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By Antonio Santiago, Doghouse Boxing (July 31, 2009)  
It’s getting freaky already with the number of celebrities who keep on dying, as no other span in history has had that many famous people pass away within a reasonable amount of time. The latest ones include Vernon Forrest, of course, and Marco Nazareth, a before-little-known fighter whose death, tragically, rose his status. Nazareth died a few days after his fight with the son of the Legend, Omar Chavez, and while Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. later claimed to have a rib injury that took him out of the “Latin Fury 10” undercard in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico, I suspect that maybe the fact his brother Omar
was involved in a tragic fight may have had to do with it. After all, he had to hear from his brother in the days after Chavez-Nazareth, and I can imagine the stress of thinking that he too could hurt his opponent seriously. If it were me, I would not want to fight anyone, had my brother or sister just been involved in the death of an opponent!

I want to take this opportunity to charge the Mexican boxing commission, or whoever it was that allowed that fight to go on. Nazareth and Chavez had already fought, and by some accounts, Chavez did not dominate Nazareth in their first bout. But Heavens behold, I would never sanction a fight between a man who is 15-0 and one who is 4-3. Simply put, that fight was no match, and the death of Marcos Nazareth could have been easily prevented if someone really cared about boxing and about the humans who participate in it down at the commission.

Secondly, one time I was badly ridiculed one time at another website when I proposed that boxers should have their blood pressure taken from time to time between rounds. Marcos Nazareth’s initial diagnosis at the hospital was of having suffered a brain stroke. Sadly, I think this proves my point that some time should be added for rests between rounds so that the doctor can periodically check both participants’ blood pressures, and then stop the bout if a participant’s blood pressure shows not to be regular by testing. Had this been done at a point during the Chavez-Nazareth fight, this young man Marco Nazareth may still be alive today.

But, I do have great news to share with you too. Remember last week, when I told you about the “shoeless Antonio” incident? Well, usually the fiber and heart of the good people shows when things like that happen. And it was not just Sami, from 24 Hour Fitness, or Vickie, or Johnny or Billy (also 24 Hour Fitness workers), but also Harlen and my brother in law Nick.

All those deserve to be thanked for the great attention and goodwill they have had to me after I had my “break off” with my beloved Nikes!

You always find the best people when things aren’t going quite that brightly for you!

Did The Doc Do It?

As time goes by, as more we keep learning details and rumors about “The King of Pop”, Michael Jackson’s death. Whether he was sleeping the hours before, or if he ate ice cream that morning, or if he watched “Free Willy” with his kids, it feels like we are being bombarded with stories concerning his last hours like they are afraid we’ll forget about him soon. As if!

Well, the latest news in the post-dead Jackson saga concerns his doctor, Dr. Conrad Murray, M.D., and whether Dr. Murray could have induced Jackson to die with a powerful dose of Propofol, an anesthetic. Dr. Murray’s office in Houston, Texas, was raided by police last week as part of a manslaughter investigation. A police officer who chose not to be mentioned by name allegedly told The Associated Press that Jackson was administered with the drug the night before his passing.

I can just imagine Michael in the outer world repeating the lyrics of his famous 1980s song “Just Leave Me Alone!”… is about time they do just that!

Angelina In Baghdad

The finest looking woman on Earth has arrived! And she is once again demonstrating why she is a fine human being as well. The movie life hero from Lara Croft Tomb Raider, The Good Shepherd, Wanted, Beowulf, Changeling and Gone In Sixty Seconds, among many others, has once again shown she has a real life hero’s heart as she went to Iraq to meet with four families who have been displaced from the Abu Gharib district and to Baghdad, according to the United Nations Refugee Agency.

Brangelina…err, Angelina, spoke to a man who complained to her about his life, and to other members of the four families who described how their children could not attend school and that it was hard to make ends meet just to afford food. “It takes a lot of strength for you to survive this life”, Jolie told the man “I don’t know if I would be strong enough to survive this”.

In boxing, we call anyone who wins one of the sanctioning bodies’ belts a world Champion. Well, not only is Angelina Jolie the queen of my fantasies, she is also the queen of world Champions among human beings!

And The Last Belle Rang For Her

Joe Jonas fans, get ready to scream. I can imagine how the collective sound of the screams of our many female teenager readers will be like after they read the news I am about to tell them. Luckily, I can at least try to block my ears, although I don’t think I will succeed. Heck, even my 4 year old niece has a crush on him and was very happy when I told her the news!!

According to Camilla Belle’s rep, the 22 year old actress and the 19 year old singer broke up. No reason was given for the alleged break up.

I’ll tell you what, through. I need a hot looking 22 year old girl and now that Belle is available, I should rejoice too! You know how in boxing they have the one-two combination? Well, maybe we can have that in my family! I get Camilla and my niece gets Joe! Hmmm, then again, maybe not. My niece is only 4. Joe needs to wait until she becomes a woman herself and then I’ll allow it to happen!

Tell Us How It Is, Piano Man!!

Did you know that 70’s and 80’s music icon Billy Joel is also a former boxer who loves boxing so much, he usually uses the sport as a metaphor in many of his songs? Well, not only that, but apparently Joel also leads a life that mirrors a boxing fight! Joel, who was once married to supermodel Christine Brinkley, is now allegedly dating actress Alex Donnelley, of “The Young And The Restless” fame. These rumors surfaced only one month after Joel announced he was divorcing wife Katie Lee. The kid, it seems, not only had a second wind within him, but a third one as well!

The two have been spending time after Joel’s recent Washington D.C. concert, according to US Magazine, and they have been ever together since then. I cannot criticize Billy for choosing his women younger than him. After all, who hates a fresh piece of an apple??

In any case, here’s wishing the couple very good luck! And Billy, you advised us once to “(Don’t) Forget (Our) Second Wind”, but boy it seems like you are always pulling off the big knockouts without any trouble!!

We Want Your Grandma Too!

Deborah Dark has a, well, seemingly very dark past. Problem is, she had put her past well behind her. Until now, that is. You see, the 45 year old woman, who does have a very sexy look actually, is wanted by authorities in France after she allegedly was caught carrying cannabis during a return from a trip to Spain in 1988, according to The Times of London.

Dark was acquitted of the charges, but she was later tried in absentia and found guilty. She had no idea of the overturning of her acquittal and after flying to Turkey for a vacation with friends, she was arrested at the airport there. She was left to go due to lack of an outstanding warrant against her, but she was once again arrested in Spain, where her father lives at, and in Great Britain. The French have no double jeopardy law like the United States does, and a person can actually be found guilty of a crime there after being found innocent.

Dark says she does not want to go to France again, and who could blame her? The only ones crazy enough to want to go through the same pain all over again are, after all, our own warriors in boxing! And Deborah Dark is too pretty to be one of those!!

Seen And On The Screen

Jorge Arce, the tiny but courageous and very funny former WBO and WBC Light Flyweight Champion of the world, was seen on Mexican and American television on Televisa and Univision, singing his way to the finals of the “El Gran Desafio de Las Estrellas” on Sunday, July 19th. The show,(loosely translated to “Challenge of The Stars”) is like “Dancing With The Stars” of the United States, but with singing instead. While I would definitely advice “The Menace” not to quit his day job, he did not do so bad. Maybe he, “Macho” Camacho SR., Oscar De La Hoya and Roy Jones JR. can make a music group!!

Former WBC Junior Lightweight Champion of the world Cornelius-Boza Edwards was in El Paso, Texas, on Friday night when his charge, another Cornelius, Cornelius Lock, got blocked in his attempt to unsettle the rising Antonio Escalante, on ESPN2’s Friday Night Fights’ show. Multiple time world Middleweight Champion Bernard Hopkins was the show’s studio guest. Escalante won the fight by a wide and well deserved ten round unanimous decision.

The next day, many famous boxers made their way to Nuevo Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico, where “Latin Fury 10” took place with four big fights. Former IBF Junior Middleweight world Champion Raul Marquez was there as a special commentator for TV Azteca, and former WBO and WBA world Welterweight Champion Antonio Margarito also made his way to the fights. Julio Cesar Chavez JR., who was supposed to be the main eventer of the night, enjoyed the fights as well and he gave TV Azteca an interview.

The same night but in Buenos Aires, Argentina, former WBA world Flyweight and WBC world Super Flyweight Champion Santos Laciar was in stock as part of TyC Sports’ boxing broadcast team during the channel’s show of the Pablo Oscar Farias-Claudio Palacio fight. Farias iced Palacio in spectacular fashion in only one round. One thing I have to give to TyC Sports, is that they show the undercard in it’s entirety. They give out about 3 hours of boxing for free on television, allowing us to examine all the fighters and prospects involved. I love it!


Vernon Forrest, 38. The former IBF and WBC world Welterweight and WBC world Junior Middleweight Champion boxer lost his life Saturday, July 25th after what seems to have been a robbery attempt by his killer. He was at a gas station in Mechanicsville, Georgia, with his godson when approached by the gunman. According to, after a gun battle, Forrest followed the gunman, who then returned to the store, shooting him on the back about 8 times. Forrest died at the scene. He had a record of 41-3 and one no-decision, 29 wins by knockout.

Marco Nazareth, 23. Nazareth, a boxer, died on July 22 in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, following his bout with Omar Chavez, according to Nazareth had a brain stroke during the fight. He had been defeated by Chavez previously. Nazareth had 4 wins and 4 losses, 3 wins by knockout.

Gidget, 15. The dog was famous for her portrayal of a male Chihuahua dog in the Taco Bell commercials of the 1990’s. In those ads, Gidget supposedly said the now iconic phrase “Yo Quiero Taco Bell!”. Gidget acted in “Legally Blonde 2” as well as other television commercials. The image of her talking to an audience made the Taco Bell commercials of the 1990’s classics of the advertising world. Gidget died, according to her owner Karen McElhatton, while watching television Tuesday, July 22.

Alexis Cohen, 25. Cohen was a contestant on the “American Idol” show, who was twice rejected by the show’s judges during the show’s audition stages. Cohen famously called Simon Cowell a “big, fat, bad word” after she was rejected on her first attempt at making the show, in 2007. The moment became a video classic both on television and internet channels. She had also been attempting a career as a stand-up comedian. According to US Magazine, Cohen was found lying on a street in Atlantic Heights, New Jersey, on Saturday, July 25th, by passers by. She was taken to a local hospital but passed away there that same morning at 6 AM. Daniel Bark is being held on suspicion of hitting Cohen with his car and then driving away on Saturday night.

Harry Towb, 83. The Irish actor was an iconic figure in British television and media. He moved to England during the 1950’s, and was in such popular shows as “The Avengers”, “Doctor Who” and “EastEnders” the same soap opera that once had Prince Charles himself as a member of the cast for one episode. Towb also acted, to much acclaim, in the stage play “Brighton Beach Memoirs” at the National Theatre.

Mr. Towb passed away of cancer on Friday, July 24th, according to

May they all rest in peace.

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